20 Random Facts About Me!

 Here are some random facts about me.
1. Whenever I laugh I cry - no matter how little I laugh I'll always tear up and people have to ask if I'm okay but I'm always too qiggly to answer.
2. I was a Rainbow and a Brownie but never a GirlGuide.
3. I go to an all girls private school - it's amazing.
4. I love Maths - I'm a mathlete and want to do a maths degree.
   5. Salve! I can speak Latin - I learn at school.

6. My bedroom wallpaper has birds on it.
7. I have great grandparents and they are fabby!
8. I read blogs more than I watch YouTube.
9. I prefer Boots to Superdrug (agvantage card points!).
10. I'm a member of a Historical Society.
11. I've been given many random birthday presents over the years including a pot of pink play-doh and a box of chocolate fingers.
12. I love cats but if I was to get a pet it would be a dog - I won't though because my Mum hates animals.
13. My uncle on my dad's side lives in Japan.
14. I am an only child and the only female grandchild.
15. I am obsessed with cleansing and have so many cleansers.
16. My hair is a really weird colour - it's light blonde on the top but gets almost deep brown underneath.
17. I swim once a week with school and HATE it!!! My teacher is evil and we have to swim 8 lengths warm-up.
18. My dad has black hair but when he was younger he was light blonde.
19. I am well travelled - I have been to Japan, Wales, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Croatia, Greece and Austria.

20. I am a read-o-holic and I read 2-3 books a week - I'm currently on Wolf Hall.

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