March Favourites 2014 | Beauty and Random

March favourites time - I skipped a faves post last month as I didn't have that many WOW products but for March there have been a few new bits (of which I will be trialling this month) but for now, here are the best of the best for this past month.

Body and hair bits first. I've been loving the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends mask that I was kindly gifted for Christmas - it smells heavenly, floral and fruity, and leaves my hair super silky and smooth. Next up for body is the Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life, a body scrub that kinda lathers up and leaves my limbs soft and flake free. A summer essential! The Dove 'Go-Fresh' Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant is an old favourite that I have been layering with my Mitchum HG Unscented to give me a bit more protection for the warmer weather. Last for body is the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Tooth Serum, which has been whitening my teeth amazingly. You ally a pea sized amount to your finger and rub it over your teeth before you go to bed, and then in the morning my teeth look whiter and cleaner - so impressed!

Skincare now, and the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] has been helping with my blemishes and blackheads, although I have noticed more of a reduction in clogged pores than in actual spots, but it is something I will continue to use for that. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Stick Lip Balm as it has kept my lips hydrated and chap-free! Something else for the skin is the Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum, which is almost all gone but helps with dry patches and getting a bit more glow - plus, the scent is to die for, gorgeous! Last, more makeup than skin, but I have been wearing my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer all month to keep my makeup in place but also to make my skin look a little better for school, as it can look slightly OTT to turn up in foundation!

My favourite subject now, makeup. The MUA Powerbrow has been my go-to for brows this month as it's so quick and easy, but also looks natural yet defined. For liners, Stila's Smudge Stick in Moray has been perfect for adding to my simple eyes for dinners out and also for defining my lower lash line - it's so blendable, I love these liners. The Soap and Gloru Coloured Smoulder Kohls have also been fab for adding a pop of colour - I apply to my waterline and they stay for hours. For face, the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer has wowed me instantly - the brightness and coverage it gives makes me look 10x more awake. Two powders were Seventeen Miracle Matte and Revlon's Nearly Naked, one I'm soon to finishing. I prefer the seventeen for over foundation or for a more matte finish, but the Revlon is amazing at adding coverage if I just want to wear some concealer, or for adding more colour to my face as it's paler than my body at the mo!

For random faves, I haven't been eating that much this month - I've had a loss of appetite. But I have been eating strawberry laces loads, as they are just so easy to scoff! You Me At Six have been a newly discovered, newly favourited band - their songs 'Loverboy' and 'Lived a Lie' are my faves. Also, Pramface was back and I really enjoyed watching that as well as reading Julie Berry's 'All The Truth That's In Me' - a bit weird, but worth a look.

What are your favourites?

Love, E X

The Weekend Post #13: It's Okay To Be A Nerd. But It's Not Okay To Be Bullied

I had no posts scheduled for today, no photos to use and no ideas. So I decided to talk about a subject I've been meaning to bring up for a while now - intelligence. Nerdiness. Whatever you want to call it, this is quite a sensitive topic for me but considering I share most of my life with my blog, but not my blog with most of my life, I thought why the hell not?

Okay, I don't want to sound bragging, or unkind, but I am quite smart. Like, 100% on my English SAT smart. Like, mathematics lectures about A-Level courses when I'm 14 smart. I'm not the most humble person about it, but I wanted to clear up the fact that I do get good grades before I get into my story.

So, when I was younger I went to a pretty rough school. I say pretty rough now, didn't seem it at the time. I had an ok group of friends who soon turned on me, and I found myself wanting to get away from it all. My teachers didn't help too much, they gave out my pieces of writing as homework and gave me awards, but it just made things with my 'friends' worse and I was so happy to leave and go to my school now (as I would have done anyway as it was year 6).

I can't say life is perfect now I go to another school, but things are a lot better with friends who accept me for me and being surrounded by people who I can have amazing conversations with about subjects I don't know much about. Being honest, sometimes I do get beat down by having a Biology GCSE textbook in my hands when I'm walking through groups of small-minded teenagers, but I don't let it get to me - I have a great life, and I'm going to take what I have and use it.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is, if you've been bullied or are being at the moment for whatever reason, life gets better. It may have to get worse first, but don't let it. Pick yourself up, be strong, and learn. Because education is the key to your fortune, and life will be amazing one day. Now I love meeting my old classmates and using a load of posh language I know they won't understand and them looking at me in awe - it's a great feeling.

Make friends. But always be yourself, because I love you, and loads of other people do too.

Love forever, E X

L'Oréal Paris Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray Review and Hair Photos

 I was so excited to try this supposed Oribe Dry Texturising Spray dupe, so I picked it up on a recent shopping trip and have to say I like it.

Basically, it adds a lot of life and body to your hair - if you have thinner hair, this would probably add a lot of texture and oomph to your head, but with my long thick hair it made it a bit messier and roughed it up a bit but nothing overly amazing that a bit of backcombing can't do. Although, I think this would be a lot better for your hair than backcombing.

I love this, though, for adding to a ponytail or before making a messy bun to add effortless texture and make my hair a bit bigger! And considering a messy bun is my everyday style, I'm using this pretty often!   

Although I have only tried it in a shop, I think this is quite similar to the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray as it adds a bit of grit but not a lot of anything else!

Overall, I prefer it to hairspray for volume and texture, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing anytime soon unless they come out with a handbag size as that would be perfect for messing up my hair when out-and-about.

Have you tried a texture spray? 

Love, E X

Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick in Pink Sizzle | Review

Okay, I am sorry for the HORRENDOUS swatch but my lighting is so bad right now urrggh why can't it just be summer already.

Today's review is on the new-er Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipsticks. I didn't know that this new 'shine' formula of the classic super lustrous had been released in the UK until I saw Alix from I Covet Thee talking about how sheer the Revlon Super Lustrous-es were. Sheer? I thought, mine is very pigmented. So I went into Boots and found that her shades were from the 'shine' line. So what did I do? I bought one of course!

Now, I would say these are the slightly more pigmented, smoother, but less moisturising sister to the lip butters. They feel a lot nicer on the lips and can be built up to be quite pigmented, but they don't really moisturise your lips like the butters do. 

I have the shade 'Pink Sizzle' (how adorable!) and it lasts around 2 hours on my lips without talking all that much - same as the butters. I really love this warmer pink and think it'll be amazing for s/s 2014.

Overall, I think these are better lipsticks than the lip butters, but overall I prefer the butters for shade range and moisturising properties. They cost £7.49 each from Boots/Superdrug.

Have you tried these? What is your favourite Revlon lip product?

Love, E X

The Weekend Post #12: 5 Things I Hate About Being 14

A couple of weekend posts ago I spoke about 5 things I love about being 14. Today I'm going to tell you 5 things I hate about being 14... I had to limit myself to 5, otherwise this list could be pages!

1 - You're expected to act like an adult but are treated like a child...  I did say in my last post that teachers treat you like a 'young adult' but when someone says 'you should know better' it makes me angry as we're still kids - either treat us like kids and expect us to act like them, or treat us like adults and then expect us to act like them.

2 - He has to ask you out... aren't times meant to have changed - apparently not as it turns out (according to my bff) that he still has to ask you out... hurry up then!

3 - Pressure  Teachers, we don't take our GCSEs for another 2 years; please stop the work and stress, otherwise we'll be dead by 2016!

4 - Old friends am I meant to like randomly bumping into people from primary school then chatting for what seems like ages, because I don't. I just want to live in the present, not be reminded of the past

5 - My friends all getting boyfriends because I will always be single, and have no one to hang out with... :'(

What do you hate about being your age?

Love, E X

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] Review | 1 Month Trial

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I have very blemish-prone skin. I put most of it down to teen/girl hormones, but sometimes I just wish they'd go away faster! So, I decided to buy Effaclar Duo as it had been re-formulated for dark marks too, of which I have lots. And I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed.

It has cleared up my blackheads amazingly, so now I just have the issue of large pores. My skin is definitely less congested now, although I do get a few spots around that time of the month.

If you have any more questions, leave them below as I'm not sure what more I can say. It works.
Have you tried any great blemish treatments?

Love, E X

Sample Drawers Tour #1 | Muji Acrylic Storage

I love samples. And muji storage. So what better way to store all my freebies than in a gorgeous clear acrylic box, hmm? This is just a picture post, but if you're interested in me reviewing anything here let me know, and I'll hop right to it!

How do you store samples?

Love, E X

MUA Luxe PowerBrow Shape + Highlight in Fair Review and Swatches




When I finally found this after about 4 months of searching, I almost screamed, but the superdrug was pretty busy and I was with my mum. But I should have, as this brow pencil is A.MA.ZING!

Reasons Why I Love It:

1 - the colour. This is the perfect tone for blondes - not too ashy, but not too warm - the right mix to keep it more brunette than ginger.

2 - the actual pencil. The nib is so fine it literally can draw in little hairs that make your brows look totally natural.

3 - the formula. Not too dry, but not overly waxy. Hard enough that it stays around, but soft enough that it isn't painful to put on.

4 - the price. It's £3 - how can you go wrong?

5 - the highlight. The shimmery colour looks great on the inner corner as well as on the brow bone, and sticks.

Try this. You won't be disappointed.

Love, E X

Life Lately #2: March 2014

I haven't done a 'life-lately' post since November so I thought it best to show you some pictures with some fun captions about my life, lately!

 crazy hair, but everyday makeup
I've realised how many shades I have in my blonde; lots.
 muji looove
my new boyfriend

What have you been up to recently?

Love, E X

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review


I bought this primer on a complete whim - I hadn't even heard that it existed. And now I'm in LOVE.

I apply this primer after my moisturiser (giving my moisturiser about 3-5 mins to sink in) and it's a thick cream consistency. I use about a pea size amount (photo 2) and rub an even amount all over my face. I then apply my makeup as normal.

This primer controls my oily patches really well and keeps me matte when used in conjunction with my Seventeen powder. I love the smoothness of my skin after applying this and my pores appear smaller.

All in all, a great product for all skin types except really dry skin although I haven't found that it clings to dry patches or accentuates them.

Have you tried any great mattifying products?

Love, E X

Current Everyday Lipcare | Nuxe Rêve de Miel Stick & Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

During these cold months my lips can become really chapped, so I've been using a couple of newly-promoted-to Holy Grail status products to keep them moisturised and dry-skin free.

Every moring after cleansing I scrub my lips with Lush's Popcorn Lip Scrub - it tastes amazing and I have to stop myself from eating it! Oh, and it removes dead skin brilliantly! After that, morning and evening, I use my Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm stick - I really want the one in the pot but am waiting it out. This one is great though, it keeps my lips supple and kissable *I wish*.

What are your favourite lipcare products?

Love, E X

The Weekend Post #10: 5 Things I Love About Being 14

I have been 14 for just over 3 months now and I love it... sad there's only 9 months left, really. Being 14 has meant a lot of 'changes' for me, but this year will definitely be one of my favourites. So here are my top 5 things I love about being 14...

1 - People don't care what you wear...  for example, I was going home from my friend's house yesterday, quite late, and we'd changed into our PJs. Mine were covered in cow print and the t shirt had a cow on it - crazy PJs. I passed about 5 of my neighbours and no one batted an eyelid.

2 - Making GCSE options  AKA - dropping boring subjects. At my school, we can only take 10 GCSEs (I know, too little, right?) with a PE choice, so I'm taking... English Lang, English Lit, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Italian, History, RS, Computing and then my PE is Arts Award Dance (UCAS points!). If you want me to talk more about GCSEs and school, I could do a post so comment below!

3 - Making more new friends  or gaining the confidence to make friends. I have been mixing with so many more people, and I have been making so many cool new friends *maths geeks and Italian exchange students lol!* and I feel like my age makes me more likely to keep friends... is that just me?

4 - Teachers treating you like a young adult  and not like a little kid. I can have a normal conversation with my teachers, with them not pointing out obvious things or giving the definitions of words that I already know. I'm not considered an idiot ;)

5 - Movie Nights  I'm allowed to stay up a bit later now, so my friends and I have movie nights where we watch cringy teen movies. I love spending time with my girlfriends, and will be so sad when they all get boyfriends and leave me! #singleton!

Do you love being which ever age you are? Do you want a school/GCSE post?

Love, E X

MUA Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in A Girl Like Me | Review and Look

After spending £6 on MUA in Superdrug, I received one of these Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tints free. I chose the shade A Girl Like Me, a taupe-bronze shimmer, obviously! The formula is okay, really creamy and blendable, with average pigmentation. However, without an eye primer or setting with eyeshadow, it creases very, very quickly (like, 20 mins max). I love it with a primer as a colour base for a bronzey smokey eye though, and would like to try Loud, a purple shimmer. I love the twist-up feature, as the NYX Jumbo Pencils need sharpening and that tends to get messy!

I did this look with the chubby crayon. I put it all over the lid, blended, then built up the colour through the outer-v and blended under the eyes and into the lower waterline, which wasn't sensitive at all. I'd wear this eye look everyday, but I'd set it with a powder eyeshadow or translucent powder to help it last.

Have you tried these? Will you be picking one up, or as a freebie?

Love, E X

Keep 'em Pearly White | Toothcare & UK Braces Chat

After reading Rebecca's Love Your Teeth Too post, I was inspired to chat about dental care too. I must say, I am one of those people with an irrational fear of the dentist, and yes, I will admit it is irrational because everytime I go nothing bad happens - no fillings *yet*! However, I still take care of my teeth for fear that someday something bad might happen! Obviously, I'm not a dentist or an orthodontist, but I hope my advice is helpful. Here's what I do, and read on if you want to hear a bit about my braces 'experience' too, with a few quotes from my friends...

My toothcare (is that even a word?) regime starts in the evening before I go to bed. I make sure to put in my retainer every other night to keep my teeth straight post-braces. Even after leaving it off for 5 days when on holiday, I could feel the difference! So, I slot my top and bottom clear cases on and go to sleep.

6am. Wake up, and go into the bathroom. After I pee (TMI, Lizzie!), I always brush my teeth with a whitening toothpaste. At the mo I'm using the Macleans White and Shine but Oral B Pro-Expert Whitening is also good. I don't like anything too strong in the morning. I don't like electric toothbrushes, my mum has one that I bought a separate head for but I hated it, it scared me a little and just no. Instead I use an old-fashioned manual toothbrush, medium softness, and I use it to brush my teeth and tongue for two minutes (to measure the time I usually sing a song in my head). After that I use my mouthwash from Listerine. Yes, yes, it's the children's one but I don't like the strong adult tastes, they're gross and make me want to barf (and that won't help my teeth!) so I use this one and it tastes quite nice, not that I'd want to drink it though!

10pm is getting ready for bed time. Every other night, instead of my normal toothpaste, I use Pearl Drops Party Sparkle for an extra whitening boost. I really notice a difference and want to try the Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum from them. I follow up with mouthwash. Then I floss using my Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser (I bought mine from Wilko but Amazon sell them too!). It lets me reach right to the back of my mouth and flosses better than the string-like floss in my opinion.

So that's my dental routine. Next are a few notes on my braces 'experience'.

I had braces fitted in December 2010, when I was 11, and had them on for a year and a half, until July 2012. My teeth were bad. I had jaggered front teeth and the same on the bottom, so I qualified for free nhs braces. Looking back, they weren't that bad, but at the time I thought they were awful as having them tightened and the whole process of putting them on and taking them off was painful. However, it was all worth it as not I have straight teeth and am confident with my smile! My friend Becca (who currently has braces) and I have answered a couple of questions on braces, but if you have any more we'd be happy to answer them.

My dentist says I don't need braces, but I don't like my teeth? Should I pay for them? A friend of our's wants braces too, but I say if your teeth aren't that bad, don't go through the pain. However, if you have £3000 to spare and aren't confident, go for it as it will make you feel better in yourself. Don't do it for the wrong reasons.
What are 'bands'? They're like small elastic bands that you put over one top and bottom brace, connecting them, to help pull the teeth together. You take them out when you eat and put a new set in afterwards. Becca recently got bands and says they taste funny.

If you have any more questions on braces, or toothcare, leave them below and I'll be sure to answer you, or email me at:

Love, E X

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder in Ivory/Porcelain Review


I needed a freebie for my 3for2 deal in Boots, and I picked this up on a whim. My mind said, "Hey, MissBudgetBeauty used to use that!" so I assumed it was okay, considering she doesn't use it anymore. How wrong I was...

The Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder is perfect for applying at the start of the day to mattify and set makeup. I apply it before I go to school with a Real Techniques Blush Brush all over, and I'm still matte when I come home, 9 hours later! It isn't cakey at all and can be used with a duo-fibre brush lightly just to set, and to let 'glow' through. However, I prefer a more matte finish everyday.

I am so impressed and cannot imagine my skin without this! Have you tried this? Will you?

Love, E X

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder in Ivory/Porcelain, £3.99 from Boots

5 Things To Do This Month: March 2014

 I was a right rebel last month and skipped out on the favourites, but instead I decied to introduce a new post *ooh...*  This is the first '5 Things To Do This Month' post on a blushing blonde and I hope you enjoy it. I was inspired by Amelia Liana, and make sure you have a look at her fabulous blog if you haven't already, she's Amazing with a capital (and bold) A.

1. Find... some new storage. I love searching pintrest for cute ideas of how to organise things, but vintage teacups and jars are my favourite methods. Ask your Grandma if she has any old teasets, as my Great Grandmother kindly supplied this one (along with an entire dinnerset that we now have to buy a sideboard to fit... long story). The jar is from TK Maxx, they have a few like it in different sizes for under a fiver. For more info see this post.


2. Pamper with... Radox Bubble Baths. These are super affordable (always on offer for £1), and are great for giving loads of bubbles in a bath. Also amazing if, like me, you like to make a pamper pack for your mum for Mother's Day as they smell awesome (NB Mother's Day is on the 30th March, so get planning!)

3. Treat yourself to... a new Spring lip colour. Pinks are always in and the new Revlon Laquer Balm in Demure is the perfect no-fuss nude pink, and Rimmel's Kate Lipstick in 16 is a brighter pop for days out!

4. Watch... Ja'mie: Private School Girl. Currently on BBC3, my friends are obsessed with this series. I find it uber cringy but laugh a lot too. Worth a watch if you want a light-hearted giggle.

5. Read... the Carnegie Longlist 2014. The Guardian has a full list of the books with previews etc but we have a club dedicated to the award at my school, and we try to read the entire list. We have a while before the shortlist is released but my must-reads so far are Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher, the author of My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece (FYI you need to read that book. like, now.), a tale of letters written by a girl to a convict on death row about a big mistake she made, and Hostage Three by Nick Lake. Hostage Three made me cry. Big time. And I don't cry at a lot. If you don't mind a weep but love romance and danger, this is for you. But even if you don't, read it anyway. It's amazing.

Tell me which of these you're going to try, and let me know something I should do this month.

Love, E X

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