New Year's Resolutions 2014 | Beauty, Life, Etc.

 It's New Year's Eve and I thought I'd tell you all my new year's resolutions for 2014 (even though I still think it's 2012!). I don't usually make resolutions but I thought I'd take the time to think of a few things I'm going to try to do in 2014!

#1 Clear out the beauty drawer
My bottom drawer in my chest is nicknamed 'the messy drawer' by everyone who knows me, as all my other drawers are pretty organised apart from this beauty drawer. It looks better than this at the moment, but I want it to be 100% organised for Spring (and so it can store more products!).

#2 Live by this quote
I love the quote 'always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn'. It reminds me to stay true to myself and to always sparkle and be kind (like a unicorn!).

#3 Drink more water
I do drink a lot of juices and teas, but I'm always told to drink more water so I'll try! Hopefully it'll help my skin. A tip I heard was to fill a glass, drink it straight after you fill it up, then refill it so you drink double the amount!

#4 Wear my glasses more often
I am slightly short-sighted, meaning my long-distance vision is blurry. I can survive if I'm not wearing them (I didn't even realise I needed glasses even though all my friends told me I was blind!). It's not that I don't want to wear them, I just keep forgetting!

#5 Sort out my makeup
I have a lot of makeup (as you can see in my collection post) and I need to sort it out and chuck out the stuff I don't use (to make room for more!).

#6 Save some money
I'm pretty good at saving money but I'd like to start a separate bank account for me to save up for me for when I'm at uni/for Christmas presents/for a bigger purchase.

What are your new year's resolutions?

Love, L X

Top 13 Beauty Products of 2013 | My Thirteen 2013 Must-Haves

2013 has been an amazing, life changing year for me and I'm sure 2014 will hold a lot more experiences. But... I discovered some fab beauty products this year and decided to share my top 13 of 2013 to keep this post short(ish).

In no particular order...

1.) Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser
I could not live without this cleanser - I use it as a face mask and as a cleanser and it sorts my skin out amazingly.
2.) Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser
Again, this is perfect for when my skin is looking terrible! I mix it with my serum and apply it before my moisturiser. It's such a good price so you can't go wrong!

3.) Tresemme Liquid Gold Hair Oil
I love this! It smooths out and moisturises my hair so well - I'm on my second tube!

4.) Witch BB Cream
This has lasted me so well as I wear it almost everyday. A theme is occurring as this keeps my skin clear(ish) and makes sure my breakouts are covered! I'm trialling the primer at the mo so stay tuned for a review!

5.) Revlon Photoready Primer
Smoothing, pore-filling and makes my makeup last all day! I love this primer and will repurchase when it runs out. Such a great high street product too!

6.) Natural Collection Pink Cloud Blush
I wear this blush almost everyday as it's such an easy colour to pull off and it goes with everything! This line of blushers are awesome (peach melba is another fave along with sugar plum!).

7.) Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
This has been a life saver! It covers all my imperfections flawlessly and never looks cakey. I wish they had a lighter shade but that's my only problem!
8.) Maybelline Colour Tattoos
These make my eyeshadows last all day and On and On Bronze is perfect for an everyday neutral eye.

9.) MUA Undressed Palette
This is a dupe for the NAKED 1 Palette and I am tempted to buy that as I love this so much! The shades are so wearable and I use it everyday!
10.) L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara
 Holds a curl, lengthens, volumises and lasts all day - what's not to love about this mascara!? I'm so sad it's been discontinued!

11.) Maybelline Baby Lips
These lip balms hit the UK this year with a load of hype! And I love 'em! They're super moisturising and leave my lips with a hint of colour!
12.) Revlon Lip Butters
 One of the most hyped up products but so worth it - these sheer lipsticks glide on and leave my lips moisturised but still with some colour; I own 8!

13.) essie nail polishes
I fell in love with essie this year and love stylenomics, muchi muchi, sugar daddy and their ridge-filling base coat!
then... as an extra...  
14.) Soap and Glory
Soap and Glory products reign supreme in my bathroom and all over my bedroom do they sit! I love clean on me and the righteous butter too! X

What are your 2013 faves?

Love, L X

Christmas Gifts "Haul" 2013 | What I Got For Christmas 2013

 So, it's the day after Boxing Day and I've done a bit of sales shopping (haul coming soon x). The first few turkey sandwiches have been eaten and now it's time to show you the presents I received on the 25th! I'm in love with all the gifts and am so grateful to all my family for giving me these wonderful gifts!

From my parents, I received a Primark handabg which is black and is made of a Chanel-esque faux-leather material. I also got a Body Shop Camomile gift set, a Toni and Guy haircare set, the Stila Convertible Colour set, a Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh set and some DVDs. My Grandmas gave me a couple of books and a smokey eye kit from 17. My mum also gave me some cat themed sticky notes and unicorn stickers.

To continue with the unicorn theme, my Mum gave me this cut frame with the awesome quote that is: always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. then always be a unicorn!
Then I got this huuge Toblerone, which is almost finished. 

Last is the Soap and Glory Yule Monty Gift Set. It includes amazing products that are so gorgeously scented and some samples too! Loooove it!

Love you all and I hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

What did you get for Christmas?

Love, L X

Merry Christmas! | A Blushing Blonde 2013 Round-Up | Liz's Favourite Blog Posts of 2013


Today's post is a quick round-up of Countdown to Christmas and also a list of my favourite blog posts that I've written this year! I hope you enjoy!

Countdown to Christmas (LINKS NO LONGER VIABLE 2016)

8th - Update!

Which post was your fave?

My Favourite Posts of 2013 (LINKS NO LONGER VIABLE 2016)

What was your favourite post?

I have had such an amazing year! I've made so many friends through this blogging community and have had such fun writing blog posts and responding to your comments this year, along with recieving some lovely emails that make me smile so much! I love you all so much and will never stop blogging!

Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you in a couple of days!

Lots of Love, Elizabeth X

My Makeup Collection and Storage 2013 | UK Blog Makeup Collection

 So... Happy Christmas Eve everybody and here's your early Christmas present - my makeup collection. I've been blogging for over a year now and have never shown my storage but I'm (mostly) happy with it now so I thought I'd share. This is quite picture heavy but I'll try to include where I bought things and answer any questions you may have in the comments.

*disclaimer - thought I best give a little disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag, I do have a lot of makeup, but I don't think this is anything to be proud of! I do save up a lot and have money in various saving schemes, I also work at home doing various jobs for my parents and family members so that's where I get my money from - I have recieved makeup as gifts but in no way do my parents buy my makeup for me! I promise - no bragging!*

 This is my setup - my window is on the right above a Malm chest of drawers from IKEA. The desk is made by my daddy - it's just a piece of wood attatched to the wall and the drawers. The higher level at the back with the cups on it was there when my dad bought the house 20 years ago and is just a chunk out of the wall! The silver drawers on the left are from WHSmith and were about £10 for each 3-drawer set. The mirror is from Homebase (I think!).

On the top of the silver drawers I keep my skincare and hairspray for everyday use that isn't kept in the bathroom along with some wet wipes and tissues. 

The majority of my makeup lives in these drawers. They're pretty sturdy but get dirty really easily!

The top drawer is a bit of a mish-mash. In it there are some individual lashes, kabuki brushes I don't use too often, lipsticks that don't fit anywhere else and sponges. This is what I call 'the messy drawer' (comment if you know where that's from x).

Second drawer down is the blush drawer. To the left are cream blushes and the right are powders. Some of my favourites are Natural Collection, Fashionista and elf.

Third drawer down holds my bronzers and highlighters, with creams at the back and powders at the front. I decided to keep the sleek face form kit in here as I dislike the blush.

Fourth drawer down is eyes - this holds mascaras (I do chuck them out after 6 months but I have quite a few on the go at the mo!), eyeshadows, eyeshadow bases and my Maybelline gel eyeliner.

Second one up did not want to be photographed! This holds primers, concealers and powders. I am a serious concealer junkie but my faves are Kiko full cover and maybelline fit me.

The bottom drawer is the heaviest - the bases drawer. Most used at the front, least used at the back. I love bases (as you can tell!).

 To the right of the drawers is where I store lip products, pencils and palettes.

In this little pot next to the drawers I keep lip balms - wilko, yes to, burt's bees, baby lips and more! The pot is an old IKEA candle.

 My lipstick cube holds my 24 favourite lipsticks. I bought it from Amazon and I love it. 
Front row (l-r): Revlon Lip Butters in Cupcake, Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait, Juicy Papaya, Strawberry Shortcake, Candy Apple, Berry Smoothie and Sugar Plum.
Second Row (l-r): No7 'Lovely', No7 'Divine', Seventeen 'LA', Seventeen 'Belle', Rimmel Kate Moss '16', MUA '3', MUA '2', MUA '4'.
Third Row (l-r): Revlon 'Pink in the Afternoon', Diego Dalla Palma 'Red', L'Oreal 'Tempting Lilac', MUA Matte 'Peachy Keen', MUA Matte 'Wild Berry', Rimmel 'Notting Hill Nude', Seventeen 'Pink Posey', Seventeen 'Deep Secret'.
Behind the lipstick brick, on the little shelf, I have 4 cups. The mug on the left is from John Lewis in the Sanderson Dandelion Clocks wallpaper pattern that we have in our kitchen (it cracked so I glued it together and use it for eye products), the blue floral bowl is from IKEA, the mug on the right is in an old Royal Doulton pattern (I think!) and the last pot with cotton buds in it was an old candle.


The first cup holds liquid eyeliners, brow products, eye pencils and jumbo eyeshadow sticks.

The second pot holds lipglosses and a Max Factor Longwear Lip Cream. 

The third mug holds jumbo lip crayons and lipliners. I love Soap and Glory and Revlon for jumbo crayons and Look Beauty's lipliners.


I store my favourite palettes in this letter rack from WHSmith. I love MUA palettes as the eyeshadows are really pigmented and they have a good selection, with my favourite ebeing the Undressed one.

Lastly, my brushes and lash curler (and tweezers) are kept in this mug, same as the third one on the shelf. I mostly own Real Techniques brushes, with some elf, Tiger, Makani Cosmetics and Bella Pierre ones thrown in for good measure. My lash curlers are from Wilkos (though eyeko ones are on their way) and my tweezers are from Tiger.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope to see you all tomorrow for a Countdown to Christmas round-up and my favourite posts of the past year! Have a great Christmas Eve, love you all so much!

Love, L X

Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm Cube Review

I'll let you in on a secret - I bought this by accident. I was looking for a Christmas present for my Grandma from herself (what we do at Christmas instead of buying for people, we buy for ourselves) and I thought a lip balm and hand cream would be nice. I purchased a luxurious hand cream and this in Boots, then when I got home I remembered that I'd bought her a lip balm for Christmas - doofus! So, I kept it for me and have been testing it.

First impressions are amazing - I was expecting a hard balm but this is really smooth and moisturising. It feels soft on my lips and keeps them hydrated in the cold weather. No taste, just an amazing raspberry scent (like slush puppies!).

I thought the cube shape and conical lip balm shape was just a gimmick but it really does make it easy to apply and the little clip means you can attatch it to your phone/bag/purse!

Have you tried these? What do you think?

Love, L X

H&M Symphony Eau De Toilette Set/Trio | Fragrance Set Green Haze//Pink Macaroon//Vanilla



 Whilst rifling through the H&M sale racks on Friday (some great deals!) I noticed this little set in the beauty section. The gorgeous holographic rose gold packaging really caught my eye and I purchased. Trust me, this is the best stocking stuffer I've found for a last-minute pressie.

For £4.99, you really can't go wrong. The set contains 3 10ml fragrances with super cute names; green haze, pink macaroon and vanilla.

Now, I'm not amazing at describing scents but I think they smell like this (H&M's approach in italics)

Green Haze - fresh and light, slightly grassy?
 (top notes of melon, peach and bergamot, middle notes of lily-of-the- valley, clover, rose and violet, and base notes of sandalwood, musk, cedar and vanilla)

Pink Macaroon - sugary and girly, like candyfloss a bit!
(top notes of fresh citrus and green apple, middle notes of peach, raspberry, plum and coconut, base notes of sandalwood and cedar)

Vanilla - straight up sweet vanilla, not one for those who dislike sweet smells!
 (a soft, pleasant vanilla fragrance)

Well worth £4.99 and my H&M had a lot so if not for someone else, why not buy for yourself? Or catch it in the post-Xmas sales!

Love, L X

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