May Favourites 2015


May has been a great month - I'll be returning from my holiday today, and besides the exam stress, I've had a good May and cannot wait for June: three family birthdays, last full month of school and many weekends to spend with friends!

3 Purple Lipsticks

I wouldn't descibe myself as a particularly daring person, however I love makeup experimentation - especially with lip colours. Recently I've been rocking purple/lilac/mauve lips and am IN LOVE. 

Soundtrack To My Life Tag

I really fancied writing a chatty tag post today, and I found this tag, created by Lily Melrose and Zoe London, which is music-related and perfect for my current mood.

Dove Oxygen Moisture

I was in the market for some new haircare this month, so I picked up this duo from Dove. Admittedly, I do choose my shampoo and conditioner predominantly based on scent, however besides their amazing smell, both of these perform excellently.

Hand Luggage Only

Over the years of travelling with hand luggage only, I have a good idea of how to pack for the requirements. One of the trickiest barriers to cross is that regarding liquid limitations - one small sealed bag with its contents not exceeding 100ml per item. I think I have this figured out though. 

Benefit Rollerlash Review

Today is my belated review of the new ish mascara by Benefit... Rollerlash! Much like most of the beauty-obsessive female population, I received my sample sized mascara with Elle magazine a couple of months ago and have been trialling it ever since; let me tell you, it's good.

New Heels from New Look


A good grade means a reward. And my reward was a new pair of shoes for summer. When shopping in Westfield London a couple of weeks back with a friend, I spotted these shoes in New Look and fell in love, so I had to buy them.

Sad Day Essentials

Sometimes, we have bad days. And on these bad days, there are certain things we all like to have - these are mine.

Five Minutes to Go From Day-to-Night

We've all been there - you've left late and only have a couple of minutes to get ready for a night out. Here are three tricks you can pull off in five minutes and not be too late to dinner!

Three Minute Smokey Eyes

Apologies for the awful image but my eyes don't photograph well. However, this three-step, three-minute, three-product smokey smudgy eye look doesn't need to look exactly the same as mine, but can be changed up to suit different eye colours, shapes, and sizes.

10 Things That Make Me Happy: May 2015


I was contemplating writing a quite negative 'Life Lately' post today, however instead I thought I'd make it more positive by writing about 10 things that make me happy right now - and there are definitely more than ten but let's limit myself as what's life without limits?

Spring Pastel Nail Shades


I hardly ever discuss nail polish on this blog, however I love it and am almost always wearing it when not at school. These are six shades from my stash that I think are perfect for the spring and that I have been wearing recently.

April Favourites 2015

Happy May Day everyone! I can't believe how fast April passed and now it's less than a month until my holiday to Malaga! I can't wait to get away again - it'll be two holidays in two months! Enough of the rambling though, and onto the favourites!

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