I'm a Bad Blogger

I would say that life's been hectic, but too be fair, I finished my exams a month ago. I've just lost all my blogging mojo (and confidence) and I'm praying it will return over the summer. I'll post where and when I can (hopefully there will be some Berlin content in August *fingers crossed*).

I've had this blog since I was thirteen (coming on 5 years *gulp*) and I think I've been trying to stick to similar content and that's just not working for my nearly-adult self. I want to produce more fashion content, but my body image issues are getting in the way, so I need to have a serious sit down with myself and discover where I'm headed with 'ESP'. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

So, again, I hope I'll have some fresh content for you this summer. If not, I'll be on hold til the Autumn. See you soon, folks.

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