Spring Primark Haul May 2015

I rarely go a week without popping into Primark, but recently I haven't been finding much in there that I like, however I did pick up a couple of things this week that I thought you'd like to see.

10 Under £10

Since the beginning of 'A Blushing Blonde', I've focused on budget beauty in general, however recently I've been branching out into different brands of beauty and also into more lifestyle and fashion related posts, so I'm making this a throwback post to one of my first articles on here - a top ten beauty products under a tenner post.

Instagram Catchup Spring 2015

 If you know me, you know I love instagram and instagram things quite often - if you don't follow me, here are a few of my more recent posts:



What's on my iPhone?

 So I recently bought an iPhone 5 after my beloved HTC died; it was a short mourning period as I love my iPhone so much! Just after I got it, I read a lot of 'What's on my iPhone' style posts in order to get the right apps - so here's what's on my iPhone.

Kiko Mosaic Blush in Luminous Baby Pink Review

When in Italy, do as the Italians do: that is, buy makeup from Kiko! We now have a few Kiko stores in England however Italy has the best selection of products at cheaper prices (for sale in the UK I think they just changed the Euro symbol to Pounds). I picked up a few bits whilst there so expect a few reviews shortly - my favourite purchase was this limited edition blush, an impulse buy at the checkout due to its beautiful packaging and gorgeous colour.

The Siena Playlist

For those of you who were unaware, I return from Siena, Italy today, however I thought I would share the 10 songs I'll be playing (and singing, and blasting in my best friend's ear) throughout my trip.

Prime Team

Say hello to the 'Prime Team' AKA my fail-proof trio of eyeshadow bases that see my eyeshadow through 12-hour days in the grime of London to the melting heat of any holiday destination. They each keep me crease-free while not leaving my eyelids greasy or bobbly (trust me, one bad primer and everything goes nasty).

Maybe It's Maybelline

The makeup brand I remember wanting to try most was Maybelline: I think it was the branding; the gorgeous models, the catchy "maybe it's maybelline" at the end of every advert, the cute packaging, the endless new releases. Now I'm older and have tried a lot more Maybelline, I can share my HG products.

DressLink Haul

Recently, I've been intrigued by all these websites shipping out super cheap clothes from Chinese brands to the UK so decided to make a small order from DressLink - it's one of the cheapest companies I found, and I picked up 5 items for under £20 including shipping, which I'll talk about at the end.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

Whenever I feel as though I need a treat, I buy myself a Lush Bubble Bar: in my opinion, they're the most economical products from Lush as they last ages (I'm talking about 8 baths out of this one, at least) and create so many lovely bubbles, as well as not leaving your skin feeling gooey (Fun, I'm looking at you) or super dry (soaps are a no-no for those of us, like myself, who have eczema). They're the bomb (dot com). So I picked up one this month to congratulate myself for surviving another maths lecture, fyi the best excuse ever. 

March Favourites 2015

Where did the month go? I feel like my half term break was only five minutes ago and now it's Easter and I'm off to Siena in just a couple of days. Crazy. Anyway, I have a few favourite things to share with you this month so let's crack on.

High-Street Pink Lip Edit

Fact: pink lip colours suit me best. Fact: I own way too many options. Fact: I won't stop. Pink lips are my thing - I love all tones, formulas, combos, shades and everything else combined. I thought it best to share my top 10 picks from the high street for you just in case you too did not own enough... joking... or not.

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