Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer Review

I have fallen for seventeen cosmetics recently - their mirror shine lipsticks, supreme shine lipsticks and now this! Go get you some seventeen!

This primer costs £5.99 from Boots, and is a cream-gel texture. You need a lot to cover your whole face, and I don't see a lot of difference in the wear of my makeup, but as a pore minimiser is works fabulously! I apply a small amount to my nose, chin and forehead and it blurs my pores and makes that area smooth. I love it!

The one downside is that you have to stick your fingers in it - a twist-up stick (like the benefit primer) would have been smarter, more hygenic packaging.

Buy this if you have large pores, it's fab!

Love, L X

Happy Birthday to Me! | 14th Birthday Haul

As you will all probably know, it was my birthday last Friday (22nd) and I was lucky enough to recieve some lovely gifts from my friends and family (BTW not trying to brag or offend, just thought you might want to get some Xmas gift ideas!)

First from my parents were these amazing heeled loafers from Primark (nb: on sale now!) that will be perfect for smart or casual occasions, plus the chunky heel makes them really comfy. I also recieved some beauty bits including the Real Techniques Duo Fiber set, the Soap and Glory Gloss Stick set and the No7 Cleansing Brush (which is fab!). I always ask for a few books, and this year I got the QI book, which has some funny facts that had Becca and my sides splitting at our sleepover, the Kate Somerville skincare book, which is super interesting and defo worth putting on your christmas list, and the Pointless book, as Richard Osman is the most awesomest man on the planet. Ever. 
DVDs are a birthday sleepover must, and my grandparents gifted me Horrible Bosses (hil-ar-i-ous), Castle Season 4, Chronicles of Narnia 2+3 and Pitch Perfect (acca-believe it). From my fabulous friends I recieved some stationery, a cute purse set, some Cath Kidston Bluebell bath minis, and this amazing bath treats cake stand - they're soap and bath bombs!

Thanks for all my birthday wishes and I hope you all have a fab Christmas - any christmas shopping tips?

Love, L X

Happy First Blogging Birthday! | ablushingblondebeauty

One year ago, I began 'A Blushing Blonde'. I'm amazing that I didn't give up already, but I'm not going anywhere - I love mon petit blog and I will continue to post regularly, though the every-other-day thing does get lost sometimes.

I was planning to show you my makeup collection but due to my ceiling falling down and me living on the sofa out of a small makeup bag, I don't think that would be the best idea (but I promise it'll be up sometime in the new year!).

So, this is just a post thanking you all for following, and sticking with me for the past year - I hope you stay with my blog forever! X

Love, Lizzie x

Life Lately #1 | November 2013

 Life lately has been really good - my birthday yesterday (but this post was written in advance as I will probs be asleep on a sofa next to my bessie Becca after a late night of gossiping when you're reading this!) and a fab few weeks prior.

I finally finished World Without End, the Ken Follett sequel I've been loving. Though a little grosser than the last one (eg cheeks being sliced off!) I still loved it and will read some more of his - the TV series is defo worth a watch, but I'm biased as I'm related to one of the actors!

After a long week of trying to track this pleather skirt from Dorothy Perkins down, I finally found it ON SALE for £18. I almost jumped. An early birthday present from me, maybe? *Yes, the pleather skirt thing was a complete ViviannaDoesMakeup copy, so what?*

I found this Bioderma rip-off micellar water in Beauty Base @ Westfield - 500ml for £3! It's just as good as the L'Oreal and B.Pure ones, so if you can get your hands on this buy it!

I've also been trying to keep this drawer tidy - it holds my haircare and bodycare stuff that I use after a bath, but it just ends up being a dumping ground for a load of crap... any tips on keeping it tidy/organising it?

What has your life been like lately? Any blog post ideas?

Love, L X

The Winter Wardrobe Style Staples | Winter 2013

 After re-vamping my wardrobe for the autumn/winter season, I decided to give you a sneak peek into what my staple fashion pieces are. Most things aren't current season but I'll try to link to what is.

 Ankle boots are a must for me - I wear a lot of dresses and boots make everything look more wintry - plus you can wear an extra pair of socks and nobody knows. These ones were from dorothy perkins about a year ago but they have some pretty ones this year too.

 As I said, I love to wear dresses but bare legs + snow = nuh uh. So I wear Primark Super Cosy Tights, which are at least as thick as leggings and they have a thick fleecy lining which keeps your pins and tootsies nice and snuggly.

 Scarves are essential to keep necks warm (theme:warmth) and Primark have some amazing ones - I do love my tartan one! If you're a Londoner like myself, Covent Garden Market has amazing sellers - I got two cute scarves for £5 but they have hundreds to choose from!

 A ginormous handbag is also handy to carry gloves and all your cold weather essentials - mine is from Debenhams but there are some others cheaper at New Look and M&S.

Last is a chunky cream cardigan to wear over jeans, dresses and everything. Mine is from BHS and was super cheap. I'm looking for one to invest in so any ideas?

What are your style staples for winter? What are you looking forward to most over Christmas?

Love, L X

Happy Birthday to Me for tomorrow! XXX

The Highlights: Bodycare | November 2013

Bodycare is somewhere I tend not to spend a lot of money or time - I can't be arsed to fake tan and my legs aren't on show half the time so what's the point in shaving them? I have been using a few great products recently so I though I'd share. Cue the bodycare highlights...

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite budget bodycare (and makeup and skincare) brands as they do so many amazing products that smell divine. If I need deep moisturisation after my bath I use the Righteous Butter. With their original 'pink' scent and packaging, this rich, thick cream gives intense smooth hydration to my limbs and absorbs quite quickly.
However, some days I don't need a thick cream and this Smoothie Star Body Milk lotion is fab. It smells like almonds, oats and brown sugar and leaves my skin super hydrated and not sticky. Next on my wishlist with this scent is The Breakfast Scrub!
Last, since my soap and glory bodywash ran out, I've been circulating Dove bodywashes which are amazing too. This Creme Mousse is super thick and foams up amazingly if (randomly) I do decide to shave my legs. A great cleansing cream that isn't too expensive either.

What are your bodycare faves? Any new discoveries?

Love, L X

Happy Birthday to my bestie Tulsi, who turns 14 today xxx

The Liebster Award #2!

This may be my second nomination but it doesn't make me any less grateful - my blogging buddy Alice nominated me so check out her blog and our collab post!

So the rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:
Nominate someone with less than 200 followers
Put the Liebster Award logo somewhere in your blog post so others can see
Write 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you
Link the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 11 other bloggers
Write 11 questions for those bloggers to answer
 11 Facts About Me

2. My ring finger nails are incredibly ridged but my other nails are fine - weird!
3. I'll have been blogging for almost a year when this goes up! Woop!
4. My best friend Becca and I laugh all the time - seriously, our entire dance lesson today was spent on the floor in fits x
5. I have size 4 1/2 feet but I need size 5-6 shoes as my feet are super wide (but they won't grow anymore as my dad only has size 7s and my grandma has size 1 1/2!)
6. I eat the same lunch every weekday - chicken wrap, grapes, apple juice and a biscuit. 
7. My most played song on iTunes is Ben Howard 'Only Love'.
 8. I'm quite tall but about 60% of my friends are really short!
9. I've had 3 Irish English teachers over 2 years, whilst I'm currently being taught by 4 Irish people, a Croatian, two Argentinians and a Scotsman.
10. I've always loved school and there's never a day when I don't want to go in.
11. I love tags!

11 Questions from Alice

If you could move to any country, where would you pick? Japan - the amazing manners, culture, cities and my family lives there. Though earthquakes and the language barrier does put me off a bit!
Do you prefer white or black? In clothing, black as it's slimming, but in furniture, white as it's sleek and clean.
How many different mascaras do you own? 5 - Maybelline The Falsies Flared, Clinique High Impact, L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof, Benefit They're Real, Clinique Bottom Lash
Hearts or stars? Stars - I love to doodle them x
What is your favourite drink? Hot chocolate or cranberry juice.
Where would be your dream wedding destination? A National Trust garden in England - such a little brit am I!
Whats your favourite tool to apply makeup? Ooh, tough! Probably my Real Techniques Buffing Brush!
What is your favourite make-up brand? Ooh, another toughie! I do love Revlon, but Rimmel comes a close second.
Do you have a unique talent? No - though I can do sums pretty quickly.
Ugg boots or dolly shoes? Dolly shoes, though the new lace-up uggs do look interesting!
What is your favourite day of the week? Friday! Best lessons + Weekend!

My 11 Questions

Who is your favourite blogger?
What is your most listened to song?
Do you have any interesting relation origins? (eg I'm 1/8 scottish and have relatives living in Japan)
Do you write blog posts in advance or jut write them randomly?
What was/is your favourite subject?
Do you use the Bloglovin app?
If you could wear one blush for the rest of your life, what would it be?
When is your birthday?
What is one thing you'd love to buy but can't justify?
What song do you have to play at your wedding?
Do you speak any other languages?

I nominate

Hope you all liked this post - feel free to leave your links below in the comments so I can sub to your blogs xxx

Love, L x

The Tech Edit: My Favourite Apps | Games

 I'm starting a series - The Tech Edit. It'll happen once a month, on a Sunday ('The Day Off') and will be me explaining/chatting about all things tech-y. That includes apps, software, and any other things you'd like to see. The first post is this one - all about my favourite gaming apps. In no particular order...

A firm fave is 'Cut The Rope'. The little 'Om-Nom' character is so cute and this game can become increasingly addictive if (like me) you had a three hour plane journey with a screaming baby and man next to you who used the loo SIX times.  This kept me somewhat sane.

A guilty pleasure of mine is Solitaire. I can play game after game for hours and my best time is 1 1/2 minutes! Oh, the perks of being a nerd.

Dana from Wonderforest's new app, Wondercorn, is seriously addictive. Not only does it have a unicorn, wings and an alice in wonderland theme, it is also not too tricky and I'm already about 12 levels in - and it's free!

A generic one, but I do love Candy Crush and I can play until all my lives run out! I'm on level 88 - what level are you on?

Ahh.. Dumb ways to die - the viral video has a hilarious game that gets me out every time!

What are your favourite game apps? What Candy Crush level are you on and any tips?

Love, L X

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Golden Fawn, Blackberry and Flash | Review and Swatches

Having an AVON representative close by has its advantages and disadvantages - you can buy things whenever you want them, however, you can buy things whenever you want them! I have to restict myself when ordering, but I always seem to end up with one of these Supershock Gel Liner Pencils. I have three shades, and the black one will be mine soon! 

I own Flash, a pink nude that looks great on the waterline for a shimmery wake up, Blackberry, a dark brown with a purple-red hint, and Golden Fawn, a shimmery taupe that looks gorgeous when blended over the lids.

These are by far the creamiest pencils I've come across, and the longest lasting. They will set and not budge all day! I am always impressed and highly recommend. 
They can be found online for £6 here.

Have you tried these? What are your AVON faves?

Love, L X

MUA Matte Palette | Review and Swatches

I've been a bit naughty... I've had this palette for well over a month and still haven't reviewed it! Ooops! Well, here is my review, and I must admit, this palette's a good'un. I wasn't expecting to get my hands on this but I managed to find a few stashed at the back in my local Superdrug - result!

The facts are; it costs £4 (bargain!), contains 12 shades (swatched below) and is sold in Superdrug and on MUA's online website.
Unwrap (white), Butter (cream), Bare (Nude), Taffeta (Peach) , Fade (brown), Penny (bronze), Chino (taupe), Truffle ( chocolate), Fog ( dove grey) , Smoke ( black)
 As you can see, the pigmentation does vary - the lighter shades aren't as pigmented as the darker shades (but you couldn't see them anyway as they're pretty much the same colour as my skin tone!). The formula is really buttery and these shadows apply and blend really easily. For £4, just 1/3 of a pound per shadow, the quality is amazing. The packaging is just cheap, and I would have liked a mirror, but I guess more expensive packaging just makes it more expensive, right?! 

I'd definitely repurchase this palette, as the light mid-brown works great for my brows, I can create a matte smokey eye and use all the shades for blending. My mum wants one now, so I may buy her it for Christmas! It'd make a great present!

Have you tried this? What are your favourite drugstore matte eyeshadows?

Love, L X

Mini Primark Haul #7 | New Into Primark November 2013

 My last one of these primark hauls is now my most viewed post, so I thought it best to do another seeing as you all enjoyed it! I popped into primarni just before I went on holiday and this is what I bought!

Boring hair ties are first as the hair tie fairy has been stealing them during the night and I need to put my hair up - it is a serious issue when I can't find an elastic to put my hair up in, and elastic bands just don't cut it. They're £1 for 30.

 Yes, I'm that much of a sheep. I bought that scarf. I felt I deserved it as I missed out on that dress (ie red with black flowers... ohh that dress). This is a gorgeous, warm scarf that will be perfect for the winter season. I'm afraid of it bobbling though as it is 100% acrylic, but what more do you expect from Primark? The scarf was £5.

I could not pass up this amazing statement necklace for £3. I wore it almost everyday on holiday, it just goes with everything. The hardware is very plasticy but it isn't noticable when you're wearing it. The blue is perfect for this season, and it may be a new fave!

 Last is this jumper. I love knitwear, and primark brings it every year! This particular piece was £8 and has the perfect straight neckline for me. They have a ton of colours, from pastels to brights to these autumnal tones - the green and navy ones are defo on my birthday list.

I was in Primark today and did some serious hinting to my mother about a small pack of 4 midi rings for £1.50 and a pair of heeled office shoes for £6 - get yours now!

What have you been picking up in primark recently? Where have you been finding good knitwear?

Love, L X

Lest we forget

image c/o google

Birthday Wishlist #4 | November 2013

 Clockwise from right - Castle Season 4 | Stila Convertible Colour Trio in Cool | QI 1227 Facts Book | Pai Skincare Trial Set | No7 Cleansing Brush

As my birthday is fast approaching *two weeks eek!*, I thought it only appropriate to write a quick wishlist of a few things I'm lusting after. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge parents!


What's In My Bag? Autumn 2013 Edition | COLLAB with Beauty By Alicee

Can you believe that after nearly a year of blogging I haven't uploaded a What's in my bag? post? *gasp!* Well, today I am and it's even more special as it's a collab with my friend Alice from Beauty By Alicee; she's fab and has a youtube channel as well. She'll be linked at the end of the post so be sure to check out her blog and subscribe to her youtube too!
To clarify, this is what's in my handbag, not schoolbag, but if you'd like to see one of those let me know in a comment below x

Let's start with the random, boring bits. I carry a wallet, obviously, and my bright green one is from Monki and is perfect. I also carry a folder and pencil case in case I need to write anything down/collect any papers - this doesn't mean that pens and paper don't roll about the floor of my handbag though! Lists and biros are everywhere! My watch ends up in my bag by the end of the day as well as any rings I'd been wearing and my glasses. My phone, keys and ipod are essential, as well as my train tickets and oyster card. A nail file and sweets are always handy also.

Now for the beauty bits! As you can see, I carry an excessive amount of lip products - I count 7, with 3 revlon lip butters! Elizabeth! I need hand sanitizer, as well as tissues and a tangle teezer. A comb is useful for pesky flyaways and so is my Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray for touch-ups. I carry a spoolie and Real Techniques Buffing Brush just in case my makeup slides. When waiting around, I carry hand cream and my cutipen to give myself a little manicure - always a treat! The little pot contains some spot treatment/moisturiser for those days!

What do you carry in your handbag? How many lip products are you hoarding?

Love, L X


October Beauty Favourites | MUA, Rimmel, Seventeen, L'Oreal and more!

 Stop - beauty favourites time! I've bought a few bits this month so it's a mix of newbies and oldies.

 The Real Techniques Contour Brush has been blending out under eye concealer and setting it with powder this month. Now I get it! 
elf's stipple brush has come in so handy for face powder, bronzer and blusher - I may need another one!
Bronzer is always too dark or muddy for my pale hue but MUA's Bronzed Perfection is bronzer perfection! It is matte enough for contour, light enough for my skintone and not too pigmented so doesn't look muddy.
The L'Oreal Colour Infallibles always intrigued me, but the UK shades are poop so I went on amazon and picked Pebble Grey, Bronze Godess and Coconut Shake - all are pretty but Coconut Shake is the perfect eyeshadow base colour/highlight for under the brow.
The NYC Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe is super long, which is great as I'll use it all up. The perfect shade and waxy texture make my eyebrows stay on all day and look natural.
Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Balm in Bashful is the most wearable pink glossy shade for everyday and the vanilla scent is to die for!

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation has been on my face, waking me up this month. I love the glow and sheen it leaves.
I was in need of a new primer, and Seventeen's new Flawless Poreless Primer filled the position - a review will be up this month explaining why it's fabitty fab.
elf's flawless concealer brush makes my concealer flawless and is great for blending eyeshadow - a real multi-tasker!
Look Stay Put Powder is great for mattifying and setting my makeup as it keeps it there all day and blurs pores.

What are your October faves? Any products match with mine?

Love, Lizzie x

October Random Favourites | TV, MUSIC, NAILS, ETC

Considering the popularity of my last random favourites post, I thought I'd do another - this time involving nails and music.

I'm not allowed to wear nail polish to school but I like to keep my talons in good condition using the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. I have quite alright cuticles but this helps in keeping them ship-shape. During the mufti day and brief holiday nail-polish wearing period, I opted to paint my nails with Nail Inc. 'All Saints Road' - a gorgeous royal blue colour that makes me stare at my nails non stop. For a different type of manicure, I've loved the NYC Matte Me Crazy Top Coat (fragrancedirect)  for leather-look nails.

There's always a shortage of lined paper in our house but my grandma has no use for the crazy amounts of refil pads my grandad left behind so she gave loads to us. I've been writing everything down and am becoming a much more organised person (says girl at desk so cluttered you can barely turn the computer on).

For TV, I'm still watching Some Girls and wishing Viva and Rocky back together. I've also been loving The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek, though I am only on episode 2 and the X Factor (which you already know if you've read my X Factor post).

Luke Friend and The 1975 has been all that's been playing this month - I listen to it on the way to school, from school, on the train, tram, bus, in my room. The 1975's Chocolate is a firm fave as well as Luke Friend's cover of Sex by The 1975 *raises eyebrows*.

What have you been loving? Who is your X Factor fave?

Love, Lizzie x

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and Condtioner Review

 A little while ago my aunt gave me 3 John Frieda shampoos and conditioners *thanks!* but I've only just started to use them. These are the best out of the ones I was given (go blonder and the purple ones).

These aren't sulphate free so any of you anti-sulphates girls - shield your eyes!

 The shampoo is pretty average - it cleans my hair! It does add some moisture but not tonnes. The conditioner is very lightweight and thin so I was not expecting anything special but this is really moisturising and my hair has been shinier than usual! 
Overall, I like these ut won't be repurchasing as I wish to try other things that are cheaper and probably better - sorry!

Have you tried these? What do you think?

Love, Lizzie x

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