Top 10 Under £10 Beauty Products

A suggestion on my recent (now closed) giveaway was to do a 'top 10 under £10' post which I thought would be fun, so thanks to you if you suggested it! In no particular order, my 10 favourites are:

The First Date Tag


It's not often that I watch 'tag' videos on youtube, but the 'First Date' tag that Barbara from The Persian Babe and Michelle from Beauty and the Blog created has been my favourite video to watch popping up in my subscription box. I liked it so much I thought I'd do my own, even though I may be a teenager doesn't mean I dont have dating opinions!

#5Under5 Top 5 Haircare Products Under £5 Pounds

Today is the belated #5Under5 haircare edition! 

L'Oreal True Match Foundation HONEST Review

True Match and I haven't really got on too well. I thought it was just me, but since Natalie from Thunderl0ve (who is my major girlcrush, btw) uploaded this Hot or Not video, I found more people who didn't understand the hype, just like me.

And the winner of the Makeup Revolution Giveaway is...

Sadly, but exciting(ly?), my Makeup Revolution Giveaway has come to an end... which leaves only one thing to do: announce the winner! 

Thanks to everyone who entered, but sadly there may only be one, and that one is...

Jayne Fotheringham!
 (@x_pinky_ on twitter)

Hiya Jayne, you'll be receiving an email from me shortly in regards to sending out your prize, however, if no reply is heard within the next week another winner will be chosen.

Thanks again, and hopefully I'll be able to do another little giveaway soon!

'til next time,

Love, E X

Primark Haul September/October 2014 inc Autumn New Clothing

 Hello Primark fans! Today I have a haul of some things I picked up a weekend ago - I didn't want to share underwear on the internet, but Primark have some new colours of their bargain £3 bra-and-pants sets if you're interested, as they're good quality undies! Onto the clothes anyhow...


First was a backcombing brush - I can't believe I don't own one of these, but I saw a 'cutegirlshairstyles' video where she did a really gorgeous voluminous ponytail using backcombing and a hair grip, and I wanted to do it on myself so this should be good. Next was this beautiful statement necklace which was pretty cheap at £5 - it is covered in gems, pink and grey plastic gems and other jewels.

I think that necklace will look amazing with this jumper - it's a super simple slim fit, with almost too-long sleeves which gives a comfy-casual look. It was such a bargain at £6 that I needed another colour... 

... so I picked up the navy too! This one suits me a bit better than the grey, but I love them both and they'll be my uniform for the autumn - I need every colour now!

I also picked up a pack of 3 black scrunchies for £1 which are perfect for jazzing up school hairstyles.

Last thing is this 'halter vest dress' - it was on sale for £2 so I couldn't say no (it was only £3.50 originally anyway!). I'm not sure about it just yet - it's quite short so bear that in mind, and there is a bit of pant-exposure as it's not totally opaque, and size up because the 12 and the 18 look exactly the same. I think this will be a party dress worn with tights and a jacket, with a statement necklace... obviously!

I'm very tempted by the winter coats in Primark... baby blue and checkered, you will be mine!

Have you picked up anything from Primark recently?

Love, E X

My 5 Shoe Staples for Autumn/Winter

 If you've known me for a while then you'll know that I was never a 'shoes person' - I was always a 'bags person' then recently I've switched. Now I have so many pairs of everyday shoes and not enough days to wear them! Here I have compiled my top 5 pairs that get (or will get) the most wear in the a/w season(s).

The Book Review: Ketchup Clouds by Annabell Pitcher

Another new book completed, and this time it's from one of my new favourite authors: Annabell Pitcher. After writing the incredible My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, a compelling novel from the point of view of a 10 year old boy who lost his sister to bombings in London, she wrote Ketchup Clouds, about a teenage girl.

The story is composed as a series of letters from 'Zoe' to a prisoner on death row in the States. 'Zoe' has committed a crime; she's killed someone and got away with it. The letters are her way of explaining the build-up to the event, and the conclusion. It is a moving story, in which Annabell Pitcher is successful in making the audience feel empathetic towards to the characters and equally anticipate the epic ending, which is completely obvious yet unexpected.

I would so recommend Ketchup Clouds to teenage or adult readers as it's a storyline that can be related to from all points of view.

Have you any book recommendations?

Love, E X

H&M Rose Gold Bar Necklace



I recently bought this necklace from H&M for £3.99 and fell in love - it's rose gold with a thin chain and a bar on it and it just looks really chic and effortless with plain tees and dresses. I found it online here but only in silver and gold, so I'm guessing you have to check stores for the rose gold.

Toni&Guy GLAMOUR Volume Plumping Whip Review

Okay, let's define my hair type before we review a hair product - I have loooong (like, super-long), mid-tone blonde, normal-greasiness, normal thickness hair. I tend to wash it in the evenings then let it dry overnight so wasn't sure how I would like this product but I have to say, it's pretty impressive.

New Primark Black Zip-Detail Bag


Just a quick post today to show you my new handbag love - and only £5 from primark, result! It's a black bag with zip details, two popper buckle detail things on the front, a long strap and one main compartment. I'm not using it for school (why, folders, why!?) but it is my everyday bag for outside school (which is what really matters, right?). 

What bargains have you found?

10 Things That Make Me Happy (September 2014 Edition)

New post theme yay! This is a new post that you'll see popping up here and there every few months called '10 Things' which could be all sorts of random things in 10s so yah this is the first post which is 10 Things That Make Me Happy...

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag? (UK Somerset Holiday 2014)


So during the last week of August I went to Somerset for a week (or, as I write this, am going for a week... scheduling is weird!) and I thought I'd share the makeup I brought with me - it's a very simple makeup bag with a few options for each thing so yah, but this is mostly my everyday makeup look too. (check instagram for photos from the holiday @hi_lizziep) The bag, if you were wondering, is from Cath Kidston and it's her Pink Spot Cosmetics Bag from about a year ago, it's super good quality and fits a lot of stuff: see below.

August Favourites 2014: Beauty and Random

Favourites time again everyone, and today I have a lot of really awesome products to tell you about. I was debating whether or not to do a favourites post this month, but  a few things just had to be raved about, so here goes...

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