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Thoughts on a Sunday evening

Good evening blog - I hope everyone's had a fabulous summer! Apologies for being so sporadic in posting recently, I've just had writer's block, and I'm trying to shape this blog into something I'm proud of, and at the moment I'm just not there yet. I'm hoping to be more on-it with this whole blogging malarkey in the new year once I'm settled in Sixth Form.

So - Sixth Form. I'm staying on at my same school as the sixth form here is really good, and I know that I'm already happy and relaxed there. However, I'm a little nervous to start A-level courses and take another hoard of exams in just 8-9 months! For those wondering, my GCSE results were very good - I was the most surprised out of anyone - and I did treat myself to a few new Essie colours, and a whole collection of essies will be coming at some point!

I'm also planning another treat of a purchase in a month or so; I've been lusting after a new camera for ages now, and I've finally decided on the Olympus Pen EPL-7, the 'blogger camera', as it's often nicknamed. My parents have kindly said that they will contribute to it as a way of congratulating me on my exam results. I cannot wait to pop into my local John Lewis and pick out the colour I want - I haven't quite decided yet!

How have your summers been? Mine was absolutely fantastic, as I spent a lot of it with family, which I am always glad of, and saw a few new places, such as Arundel Castle, which was just beautiful and I would definitely recommend visiting - the clocks and mirrors inside the castle have completely inspired me! A few of my friends celebrated 16th birthdays this summer too, and my favourite 'party' was my bestie Cecilia's - she had an outdoor cinema at her house (16 Candles, of course), and her parents fed us to the brim! I also ate at The Real Greek loads, and their £8.95 lunch menu is a great deal as it's such yummy, easy food!

Greek food will be making another appearance in October/November time as I'm travelling back to Greece - Mykonos this time, so look out for travel diaries, restaurant recommendations and outfit posts. I'll try to be better at my travel posts this time!

I think Autumn will bring a few more posts too, because Autumn fashion is just so more me - in Summer I feel so uninspired and not stylish at all, as I'm not a shorts or vest wearer, and plus British summertime is so short and unpredictable I don't see the point in spending too much on a Summery wardrobe when it's just not me at all. However, I also have a whole Sixth Form wardrobe to share which should be helpful if you're looking for more corporate/smart workwear inspiration as my school dropped the bomb that we had to wear suits this year (three days before we go back, thanks!). I am looking forward to embracing my slightly kookier individual style whilst still adhering to school rules (I'm looking for bright pink and printed suits, if anyone knows any affordable options!).

I cannot wait to see what this year will bring, and I'll be sure to share my adventures with you.

Best wishes, x ESP

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