Sigma Dupes from Amazon

I wear foundation or BB cream nearly every day, however I recently realised that I don't wash my brushes as often as I most likely should and I tend to use the same brush; I had an epiphany: buy more brushes.

Topshop Spring 2015 Wishlist

I'm a big fan of topshop for party pieces and treats, however I don't tend to shop there very often. Never the less, I've seen a lot of things in there recently that I am in love with and may need to have a bit of a splurge on.

Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Foundation Review


I'm usually a big fan of budget foundations - Rimmel has some of the best. But when I saw this foundation for just £2 I had to try it - £2 is probably the cheapest foundation you're ever going to find on the high street, and being a Makeup Revolution fan, I had high hopes. Let's start by saying that I wasn't impressed.

Spring Primark Haul March 2015

Oopsy daisy she went to Primark again! I'm gradually collecting things for my upcoming trip to Siena so I have a excuse... ish. The first things I picked up were boring basics - some of their Gentle Face Wipes which are £1 for two packs and work well if I'm feeling lazy or make a mistake whilst doing my makeup. I also picked up these 5 toothbrushes for 75p! I've mentioned before my weird habit of needing a new toothbrush when I go on holiday, so these should see me through this year, as well as this Citrus Ice Hand Sanitizer which was only £1 and smells better than alcohol!

10 Locker Essentials

Being at school 5/7 days a week, I find that I'm always missing something in my schoolbag or desk (the old fashioned ones which are my equivalent of a locker... #oldschoolproblems). Therefore, I've devised a list of my top 10 locker essentials that you NEED in your desk at work or locker at school.

How to Make Money as a Teenager

My friends are always surprised at how much cash I have to spare - "your parents must be loaded" // "you're so spoilt" // "how much pocket money do you get!?" are regular comments on a shopping day out. However, none of them are true - I get less pocket money than my friends (as my parents pay my phone bill, so I feel like I should contribute something) and I am not spoilt in my opinion, and my parents are not billionaires. I am just a very good saver, and have some tactics in making money (and keeping it!).

Why CK One Rocks

I wouldn't describe myself as a perfume expert or enthusiast - I like to smell nice day-to-day, but never spend too much on scents, but mostly ask for a perfume at Christmas or for my birthday. This year's scent gift was Calvin Klein CK One - and it might just be The One.

Hand Dream Super Cream

I have a lot of love for Soap and Glory, along with ridiculously dry hands all year round due to eczema. So give me the opportunity to try a Soap and Glory hand cream and I'll take it. Which I did. So here's a review on one of the nicest hand creams to ever grace my mitts.

Graze Box Light

Anyone really annoyed with vouchers for a 'free graze box' in magazines? Worry no more - claim your free box! I was thoroughly impressed with mine. I chose, out of the three free box options - original, kids and light - the light box within which all the snacks are under 150 calories. The box itself was delivered within a week of ordering and cost me nothing - I had to put in my card details but I cancelled the continuous boxes after this one was delivered and have not been charged anything.

The Multi Tasking Cheek Brush by Real Techniques

The Real Techniques Cheek Brush, exclusive to the Nic's Picks set, is my current most-used, most frequently washed makeup brush, purely because I use it for EVERYTHING. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a definite multi tasker, and can be used for a very many things.

Big Hair Babes

If you know me, you know I hate flat hair. If I'm sporting a bun, it's messy; if I have a ponytail, the top part is particularly poofy; if my hair is down, by God it's backcombed. These are my favourite products to get really big hair from the high street.

H&M, Primark and Stationery Haul

Over half term I did a fair bit of shopping with friends and family, and so I thought I'd share some of my purchases with you, from clothing to stationary.

February Favourites 2015

ooh we're one month closer to summer - meaning it's time for a favourites! Today is my February favourites, with not a lot of products but quite a few random favourites.

First up, a single skincare item in the Soap and Glory For Daily Youth Lotion - I love S+G skincare, and this is an old favourite that makes the best base for makeup as it really hydrates while adding a bit of glow - nothing overly noticeable, but to me, my skin loses its sallowness.

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