Why the re-brand, Liz?

This has been a long time coming folks: the re-brand.
Since starting to blog in 2012, I was so unsure of a name for this thing that it changed around so much until I finally settled for 'A Blushing Blonde' in 2013, which has remained my blog name up until now: now, it changes.
I decided earlier this year, during a serious bout of writer's block, that I needed to change up the content of my blog. It had reached a point where I was no longer a beauty blogger, but a lot of my posts were more lifestyle, travel and fashion based. So a new name (a definitely a new URL) were needed.
Brainstorming during my blogging break gave me the idea to move in the same direction many blogging and vlogging personalities were moving in: use my name.
To be a bit unique, I've used my initials, ESP (Elizabeth Sophie Petts) and my URL, http://elizabethsp.blogspot.co.uk/, reflects this name but also allows me to change it if I'm not happy a few months down the line, although I highly doubt this.
I hope you're all not too upset with these changes (also that in layout, which I pray is still easy enough to navigate)!
Now I'm headed back into hibernation for only one more month whilst I study hard, keep doing exams and then have work experience, but then, in July, I will be back with a prom post, a couple of capsule wardrobing posts and a couple of travel posts for the summer!
All my love, 

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