What's in my (mini) bag?

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I've never been one to carry around a huge handbag full of useless rubbish, so when I unwrapped this little beauty from Accessorize this Christmas I was over the moon - and have been using it daily since.

This black leather camera-style bag fits a lot more than you think - I carry around the essentials, plus a lot more. I always have my cardholder which travels solo if I'm carrying my camera, but if not, it lives inside my purse which is a simple red pouch from H&M which also holds change and cash.

I also always have my iPhone 5 on me, either in my bag or a coat pocket, and gum, my favourite being Extra Bubblemint. Tissues are an essential during flu season, and I cannot survive without my Moleskine and a biro (this gold one is a little smarter than your average Bic, no?). I also carry this bright pink mirror/comb duo, which, although ugly in colour and not too chic with its 'My Little Pony' branding (it was part of a joke gift!), is extremely useful and space-saving.

Most of the time I also carry around my perfume, Stella, and a lipstick; my current favourite is Charlotte Tilbury 'Bitch Perfect'. As for other beauty bits, inside my tissue packet I tend to place my mini Leighton Denny crystal nail file which is perfect for catching split nails that could catch on jumpers!

What can't you live without in your handbag?


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  1. I'm trying desperately to be more minimal with what I carry, you seem to have it down to a tee!

    That bag is perfect though, so classic and versatile!

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