BAM! Brows

My brow products used to change up constantly however now I'm in a 100% committed relationship with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Blonde
It's so easy to used - dip an angled brush in it, remove excess, draw along underside of brows, fill in brushing upwards, clean up, BAM browz.
I need quite strong brows as I wear glasses, however with this it's so easy to make it strong or subtle - just change the application pressure and amount of product you use.
Also, I wax my brows every so often to clear up the peach-fuzz esque hair I get above them using simple Superdrug Wax Strips which haven't broken me out at all yet. Then, in between, I clean up my brows using my favourite Tweezerman Tweezers which pluck out any rogue hairs quickly and easily.
BAM! Brows.

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