Birthday Wishlist 2016

In previous years I've made a birthday wishlist during November, but this year it has been incredibly difficult to come up with ideas (just ask my Mum!). However, after a couple of hours of searching the internet, I have managed to come up with a few more ideas, which can also help you to Christmas shop for girls who are anything like me!
Having re-done my bedroom recently, I'm on the look out for things to go on the shelves I will eventually put up, and these M&S Trinket Boxes will look adorable with jewellery in, such as these little gold rings from H&M.
I'm planning on scrapbooking a little more next year so I'll need a scrapbook like this Paperchase one. I'll also need some metallic markers, gold and silver gel pens, and a white pen to write on the black pages, which will look very cool. I've also been lusting after these gold letter stickers forever now, and they'll match the sparkly aesthetic of the book.
There are a lot of fiction books on my list this year (English A Level has made me rediscover reading and I am loving it!), but I also love non fiction, and #GIRLBOSS has just come back into stock on Amazon which I have been wanting to read for ages now, and The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k should help me to have a great 2017 (not giving an F). Sali Hughes has a new book out - Pretty Iconic - which I have had to be restrained in not buying it myself as I cannot wait to read this! Capture Your Style also popped up in my recommended Amazon books and it looks fab, and should help me reimagine my Instagram.
As for beauty bits, I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury at the moment but have to do some more swatching before deciding which lipstick to splurge on, however her First Edition Makeup Bag isn't overly expensive and will be a fab bag to keep my everyday face in! I'm running low on shower gel at the moment, and my absolute favourite Lush Rose Jam is back for Christmas and I am super excited to get my hands on a bottle of liquid happiness. I'm also nearly out of perfume, and am looking to try something new (not necessarily the Estee Lauder). And, if I could afford to have anything for my birthday, Diptique Roses is my absolute candle dream, as (you can probably tell) I love rose scents.
In the slightly more miscellaneous category, I've been on the hunt for a leather cardholder for a while now, so have sent Mum on the hunt for the perfect one! This McQueen one is gorgeous, but I don't think £100 is really worth it! I could also do with a screen protector for my new camera, the Olympus E-PL7, and an eye mask as I now cannot sleep with any light on at all.
You know you're growing up when you already know what some of your presents are, and I have chosen the most amazing new statement coat (which I'll reveal after my birthday when I can finally wear it!), but I only own printed scarves, so a plain black scarf could be useful so I can keep cosy! I'd love another pom-pom keyring so I can hang it on my bag - perhaps a red or pink one, or a more neutral colour?
Finally, no birthday would be complete without some edible goodies, and I've had my eye on Charbonnel et Walker for a long while and think they're the perfect level of indulgence for a birthday!

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