Life Update | Birthday Gifts, A Levels & Mykonos

Hello everybody! Apologies for my impromptu hiatus but everything is a little manic at the moment. I've been back from Mykonos for about a month now - a month today actually - and I will probably do a general blogpost at some point in the near future, however it won't be in the usual '10 Things' style as, to be honest, there really weren't 10 things to do across the whole island, but more on that to follow. That being said, I did have a fabulous, relaxing, sunny October trip abroad and would highly recommend Greece at that time of year (it's pretty much the last week that anything's open!).

I also (fleetingly) celebrated my 17th birthday last Tuesday (22nd) with coffee and cake with some of my closest chums after school and then a good old Indian takeaway with my family in the evening. I can tell I'm getting older as it was the food I was most excited for - not the presents!

On the other hand, I did receive some lovely gifts from my super generous friends and family (as shown in the awfully lit photograph - sorry! There's no light now it's Winter!) including a beautiful cocktail ring from M&S and some goodies from Charlotte Tilbury (expertly chosen by my fabulous Mother), as well as a tonne of Lush bits from my mates, including the Happy Bathday giftset!
The weekend after my birthday we celebrated my Great Grandmother's birthday - she's 93! We ate a fantastic Sunday Roast at the Red Lion at Ashington which is one of my favourite places to eat on a Sunday, I'd highly recommend it!

It feels completely unbelievable that today is December 1st - only 24 more sleeps until Christmas! I'm very excited to be able to open the first door of my M&S Advent Calendar as it looks amazing, but am a little worried that I've barely started gift shopping yet!

My AS Mocks are straight after Christmas which is a little daunting but at the same time reassuring, as I'll have more practise before the real deal this Summer, which will be my predicted grades when applying to University. At the moment, I have my mind set on a course centred around Religious Studies, but I'm still undecided! This time next year offers may start coming in *fingers crossed*!

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