MUA 'Undress Me Too' Palette

How happy was I when I found this little beauty in my local Superdrug?!

Remember that palette from MUA, the 'Undressed' Palette, and how it was a pretty good dupe for the NAKED palette? If you do, get ready to scream now as this gorgey palette is a dupe for the NAKED 2 and is only £4!


The colours are all neutral and I was so happy to see a matte black in the mix!

Here you can see the colours...

and the swatches. As you can see the colours are pigmented, but the black is a little difficult to swatch as the top layer is really hard!


And the shades are named!!! 

Naked - a matte cream
Devotion - bronze-gold
Shy - light, shimmery peach
Fiery - red-gold
Lavish - mauve-taupe
Dreamy - brown-gold
Tranquil - light gold
Exposed - shimmery grey
Reveal - light, shimmery taupe
Wink - rosy grey
Obsessed - dark grey
Corrupt -  matte black

I love this palette and considering it's a dupe for an uber expensive palette, I was happy to only have to spend £4!

Available in the UK from Superdrug and MUA:


  1. Really great review! I really want to try this myself but coincidentally I'm doing a Double MUA Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway including Undress Me Too (Again!!) (and Heaven & Earth Palette).. so if you're interested I'd be so grateful if you could check it out at the following: *2 MUA Eyeshadow Palettes Giveaway!* or visit via

    1. Thanks for your comment - it really made my day! Love your blog too; I really want to try eyeshadow on my lips now!


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