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I've shopped for makeup quite a bit in the past few weeks and so decided to collect everything up and show it to you all - everything was purchased by me, for me because I obviously have too little makeup and need tonnes more (scarcasm).

Why I decided to photograph everything in a mahusive selfridges bag I know not...

Soap and Glory
Kick Ass Concealer £10, Cheekmate Lip and Cheek Stain £8 and Smoulder Kohl Liner in Cocoa Bean £5

As a big fan of Soap and Glory bodycare and skincare, I wanted to try some of their makeup. I had not been impressed by the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss (smelled really bad and has a name as bad as some NARS things) or the mascara (did a little but nothing amazing). The fist thing I picked up was the Kick Ass Concealer that I'd heard good things about - so far I like it for under the eyes but it doesn't sit well on blemishes. The powder is a nice translucent one for under the eyes. The lip and cheek stain is average - it is like a gel and leaves dots on your cheeks but it dried out my lips crazily. The smoulder kohl is good and lasts on my tightline.


Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal £1.50, Eyeshadow Brush £1.50, Mineral Eyeshadow in What's Your Name? £3.50, Blush in Gotta Glow and Berry Merry £3.75
When e.l.f. had a 50% off code going on my mother and I made an order and I bought two more studio line blushes as they are amazing, another eyeshadow brush as these are my favourites, a liquid highlight that is a great dupe for benefit's highbeam and an eyeshadow in an amazing mauve colour that looks gorgeous on its own with black eyeliner (face of the day with that look?).


Colour Tattoos in Eternal Gold, On and On Bronze and Light in Purple £4.99
 I love the colour tattoos and these shades were amazing additions to my collection. Eternal Gold is an amazing yellow-toned gold that looks so pretty on its own, On and On Bronze is a cult favourite that I can't believe I didn't own and Light in Purple is a gorgeous blue with purple and silver glitter.


Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish £7.99, Lip Butters in Cupcake and Juicy Papaya £7.99, Photoready BB Cream in Light 10 £9.99, Photoready Primer £11.99
 I have been loving Revlon recently and there have been some amazing offers that I could not resist. The lip products are all just so lovely and balmy, the primer makes my pores appear so much smaller and smoothes my skin beautifully and the bb cream is just gorgeous (look out for a review soon).


Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair, Extreme Felt tip Liners in Black and Purple £2.99, Ultimate Fix Compact Foundation £4.99
Needing a new lasting perfection concealer, I looked at the collection stand and found a few interesting pieces - the liners are really rich and last ages and the compact foundation is a little patchy on its own but layered over a bb cream looks amazing.

Other Brands

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust £2.99, Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream £3.49, Sleek Face Form Kit £9.99, Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude £3.99
The BB Cream from Miss Sporty smells lovely but provides the coverage of a moisturiser (not even a tinted one!). I wanted the face contour kit from sleek but could not find it so opted for the same thing but including a blush - a really useful product. The liner was a lust for ages but I finally bought it and love it. I thought NYX was only available online in the UK but I found some bits and bobs from them in a cheap shop near me along with some W7 makeup and Nivea makeup (who knew Nivea did cosmetics?).

I hope you enjoyed my haul and subscribe to this bog using the thingingmabbobsy to the right - see you soon!


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