5 Things To Do This Month: May 2014

 It's May already, dear God where has this year gone, I'm still writing 2012! Anyways, here are a few easy things I think you should, or could, do this month - enjoy!


1 - Find... your signature spring scent. Whether it be a fragrance (Daisy Eau So Fresh all the way baby!) or a candle like this super cheap but still amazing Apple Orchard one from wilko, you can find a scent that suits your spring mood perfectly no matter what budget!

2 - Pamper with...  a new shampoo and conditioner. It may seem a bit boring, but having hair that smells amazing really lifts my mood - the Hello Hydration range from Herbal Essences is so potent I can smell it all day, like coconut, yum!

3 - Treat yourself to...  that perfect bikini to motivate you to get beach body ready. Mine is from asos, and I've shown you the back of the bottoms because they're so cute with the bow! I can't wait for an occasion to wear this - pool party at my place anyone? Bring your own pool.


4 - Watch...  Shu's Roman Holiday vlog and lookbook - this brought back so many memories of being in Italy for me, and I can't wait to study the language next year!

5 - Read...  Kate Somerville 'Complexion Perfection!' Not only does this skincare bible contain beauty secrets, but also makeup tips and health boosters to make you look and feel as radiant as possible - I definitely picked up a few new ideas!

Now you tell me what I can do this month!

Love, E X

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