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Ok so I had another post planned for today then I was like 'Oh wait, favourites!' - like, where has this month gone! I had an amazing April - I spent it chatting to my friends, in Edinburgh (which slightly linked considering my phone texted me to say I'd sent 200 texts over the 5 days I was there... oops!), and the weather has been lovely down South! Onto the beauty favourites though, there aren't too many but best not to over ramble...

I've been loving the L'Oreal #TXT Styling Spray for messing up my hair and leaving me with a bedhead-esque curly 'mop' as my mum says, but I like it - I think big hair is an essential for any androgenous outfit, a style I've been rocking a lot this month with an oversized tee, skinny jeans and these Primark pumps. They were only £5 and come in black and white (i have the white, and my BFF has the black!). They're super comfy and are easy to clean so are completely London/City-appropriate! Another fashion fave is this necklace from H&M - it is super dainty and has three stars on it, I think it looks a lot more expensive than it was, which was about £2!

Then I only have a couple of skincare picks, the Botanics Facial Oil and the Balace Me Radiance Face Oil, but mixed! They have been helping to heal my breakouts really well so they don't go dry and gross (TMI sorry!). My signature scent has been Taylor Swift Wonderstruck - this was a gift last Christmas and I love the fragrance, it's so girly and sweet, very me!

Lastly for beauty is makeup and being fickle with concealer I obviously have two choices - a new one and an old favourite. The new one is the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint which I have been using daily on a RT Expert Face Brush to cover scarring and breakouts, and it works amazingly! The oldie is Maybelline Fit Me, as it's been the perfect shade for when I'm a bit more tanned (ie faux tanned when in shorts!). My mascara of choice was No7 Extreme Length Extend - seriously amazing lashes in a tube it's unreal how long they look, and defined!!! AMAZING ARRGGHH!! Then a new release from MUA had me all a flutter - their Matte Lipstick in Lilac Belle. A review of this line is coming soon, so stay tuned! Then lastly is a No7 Eyeshadow in Sheer Brown (from the Good Earth trio) - this shade is amazing blended all over the lid and under the lower lash line for a lighter smoky eye. 

Musical favourites are John Legend 'All of Me', The Proclaimers '500 miles', BriBry 'Your Life Over Mine', Nina Nesbitt 'The Apple Tree' and Emblem3 'Chloe'
Then I've been loving watching ViviannaDoesMakeup as she's been uploading vlogs and they are awesome!
Finally a verb favourite (sounds weird but it works) is talking to a new friend - it's fun learning new things about people and talikng about yourself, answering questions makes you remember things you forgot! Go, make a new friend!

Love, E X

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