10 Things to do in Glasgow + Tips for your stay


The Glasgow post is FINALLY here! My mum and I went to Glasgow (via plane) at the end of August and it was honestly a really great trip - we had a lovely time seeing the city, and we both love Scotland so much (it is our heritage after all!).

Here are 10 9 things to do/see/eat in Glasgow + a few tips after!

1 EAT The Hanoi Bike Shop - this was my favourite place that we ate at, as it was such an original setting: a small old building with bicycles hanging from the ceiling, and a short menu with a real mix of dishes. 

It was recommended that we orders 3-4 dishes between the 2 of us, and so we ordered Jasmine Rice (very good), Jasmine Tea Chicken Salad (nice, however cold, and I would've preferred it hot), Sweet Potato and Shrimp Cakes (OMG my favourite! So yummy, eat them whole!) and the Vietnamese BBQ Chicken (amazing, so much flavour!). 

Definitely book this one though, as we saw about 5 groups of 2-4 turned away in the hour and a half we were there!

 2 SEE The Botanic Gardens - a 5-minute walk from Hillhead station, these free gardens are as good as Kensington in London, and the glass houses are beautiful too! If it's warm, take a picnic or pick up a sandwich as there's a lot of green space - could easily spend a day there with children.

3 SHOP Buchanan Street - although Sauchiehall Street is meant to be the shopping hub, Buchanan Street has a lot nicer High Street and High End shops, and is very clean and modern too, leading down to the St Enoch centre too, which has a lovely Hamley's in it too!

4 SEE The Riverside Museum - the vast amount of money spent on this museum is visible in the great exhibits in and outside the museum - a free transport museum, with a lovely cafe too! Outside there is also the Tall Ship which amazingly is also free and lovely to see inside! Definitely go to Partick subway as it's the easiest to walk from and well signposted.

5 EAT Prince's Square - there are many chain restaurants inside this designer centre which is open late and very beautiful inside - definitely worth seeing even if you can't afford to buy anything! There is a Pizza Express and Zizzi, as well as Barca bar and similar. 

6 SEE Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - second to the National Museum of Scotland, this is the best museum in Scotland, and one of my favourites in the UK due to its interesting exhibitions and array of different topics covered, from history of the city to animal history too with some lovely furry friends and a fantastic shop too!

7 SHOP Paperchase Buchanan Street - this may seem like a strange one, but this is THE BEST Paperchase I have ever entered (my Mother almost fainted at all the stationery) and it has TWO FLOORS. Basically heaven for any lover of pens and notebooks and the like.

8 SEE King's Theatre - a theatre to rival London ones too, we saw The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime, which was superb, however they have many touring shows, and it's a great thing to do in the evening!

9 SEE George Square - this square is so pretty at night, all lit up and looking very cute with statues and the city chambers also!

10 TOP TIPS - if this is your first Glasgow trip, here are some good tips to help you before you're there and while you're in the city!

Don't book a hotel near the main road: some of the main hotel chains e.g. Hilton are right next to the motorway that runs through the city. We stayed in the Premier Inn near Buchanan Street, which many look down on, however it had the most phenomenal views over Sauchiehall Street and the city, as well as being the most comfortable hotel I have ever stayed in, bar none. Definitely recommend.

Use the subway: it's essentially one line going in two directions, around the city, and is low on cost at about £4 for a full-day ticket.

If you're coming in via the airport use the shuttle bus: it's the easiest way to get to the city, very cheap, and you can catch it right from outside departures: it decreases the stress of travelling so much after flying!

Use the wifi in the city centre: it's there, it's fast and it's FREE! Just a hint if you're unsure whether it's safe etc!

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