Bath Routine


I love a good bath on a Friday night after a long hard week - it's a lovely way to unwind, relax and just consider the past week and weekend.

My routine in the bath begins with a lot of bubbles, provided either by a Lush Bubble Bar or a generous amount of an Imperial Leather Bath Cream which feel very luxurious (even if they only cost £1!).

I get into the bath and wash my hair first with a clarifying shampoo such as Head and Shoulders which my dad always uses, so I tend to just borrow his. However, this coughs-and-colds season, I really recommend the 'itchy scalp' formula with eucalyptus, as it really clears your sinuses!

Continuing with hair care, I use a hair mask - I'm using the Pantene Smooth and Sleek Mask at the moment, but Dove and Philip Kingsley masks are my favourites.

For my body, I use Lush products too! I love the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner when I'm too lazy to moisturise, and the Rose Jam Shower Gel to continue with the rosey scent! It's my favourite Lush smell!

I tend to just lay in the bath following this, perhaps with a book or episode of a new show on Netflix! I also always have a bottle of water in the bath with me to keep my hydrated!

Love, E X

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