16th Birthday Wishlist

Okay so every year before my birthday I write a post showing a few things on my wishlist - and this year is no different! 
I'm turning sixteen this year, which is pretty daunting - it seems only yesterday that I was feeling very excited to turn 10 (double digits!). Alas, I cannot evade growing up, and am hopeful of the year ahead!
Anyway, here are a few things I'm asking for:
Hella marble. I love the current trend around marble, and so am asking for the iconic blogger marble plate from H&M and this gorgeous gold and marble pendant from Etsy.
Speaking of Etsy, I've also found a couple of cute rose gold necklaces from UK sellers that are adorable - search 'rose gold necklace' and they will appear!
I always ask for a few books: this year it's a couple more feminist texts and a few new novels to keep me reading!
I'm not asking for many beauty bits, but I did request the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade and Revlon Black Cherry as they've been on my 'to-try' list for a while!
Although my mum buys my gifts and they're labelled 'love mum and dad', my father still likes to get me something - our year-old tradtion is for him to buy me a new vinyl album to add to my growing collection. This year I've suggested Ben Howard, George Ezra or James Bay.
When shopping with my mum, I've also chosen a few clothing pieces that I loved: included are a couple of these A-Line button-front babycord skirts, which I love love love!
A lazy-girl item that I'm asking for is a 6 foot long charger, as I want to sit at one end of the sofa but the plug socket is at the other end, so I need a longer cable!
Finally, I asked for a 2016 diary and pretty pen (like a gold or bronze one), not to plan my days in, but write a sentence a day in just saying briefly what happened so I can look back on what I did that past year.
What are you currently lusting after?
Love, E X

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