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My birthday has taken over the past few weeks, along with English exams and interviews; not that I'm complaining as it's been an amazing couple of weeks, but my blog has had to take a side seat. 

However, I'm back now for 'Blogmas' - I will be aiming to put up a post every weekday up until Christmas! Hopefully I'll be able to juggle this and schoolwork, but if I can't you have permission to attack me on Twitter!

Anyway, I have a few stories to share about my birthday, and about what I did - it was my 16th, which to be fair isn't as big of a deal in England as in the US, but since I had changed and grown over the past year I did want to celebrate.

On the Saturday before my birthday I was meant to meet my friend however she cancelled on me last minute (boo!) so my mum and I had a lovely morning in our local town, doing some shopping, then having lunch in one of our favourite cafes! 

That evening, my grandparents came to our house for some Spanish food (the paella and potatoes from the M&S range - so yummy!) and cheesecake desserts which were fab!

On the Sunday of my actual birthday (22nd) my family and I went to visit my great Grandmother to celebrate her birthday, which was on the 24th. It was a lovely but super tiring day!

Then, this past Saturday, 8 of my best girlfriends and I went out for dinner at Zizzi - it was so great to have a calm evening with them, and they gave me some hilarious and super thoughtful gifts (some of which will be featured in 'gift ideas' posts!) and was sung 'Happy Birthday' very loudly by the whole restaurant!

Overall, I have had such a fabulous birthday so far, and I am so grateful for all the love that I have felt in the forms of kind messages, cards and gifts! Thank you!

My birthday will continue next weekend too, crazily enough, as my two best guy mates are taking me to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland which should be great too! 

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