Pros of having a male best mate

I had a brainwave for this post when my mum said something to me the other day; it was something along the lines of "I love that you have guy friends - they're so much nicer than your girl mates"
Admittedly, at first I was a little peeved off - I mean, my girl friends are my babes, and I love them to death - but my mum likes my boy mates more?
But after some consideration - and conversations with my girl and guy friends - it seemed that my mother had a point.
Here are the pros of having guy friends:
1: oh the lack of drama - with girls, there is ALWAYS drama! I mean, we're girls, we revel in gossip. But boys are so chilled, and there is rarely any drama, which means that you can have a normal, civil conversation.

2: they're so rational - because there's so little drama, they pick up on when you're being childish or a bit of a moron over the little things - boys are just far more down to earth.

3: DOUBLE DATING! - with your girlfriends it feels like double dates are just competitions, whereas with your guy mates, double dates are either for your significant others to stop thinking jealously about the friendship, or to have fun as a group.

4: your parents love them - my parents love my guy friends as they think that they'll protect me if we're out late together (yes, big muscular rugby players will fight off all the criminals in 10pm London, Mum) without my parents being worried that they'll take advantage, because they've already met my best friend's girlfriend and she's lovely too.

Those were just a few of the reasons, but my favourite is number 5

5: if they play sports, you can go to support them (when really you're just checking out their hot friends in the swimming galas/rugby matches!)

Go get yourselves some guy mates!

Love, E X

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