Easy Raspberry and White Chocolate Sponge Recipe

I love cake - and I love fruit, so recently I've been combining my two loves and adding fruit to my cakes... presenting the Raspberry and White Chocolate Sponge. It's super easy, requires not too many ingredients and tastes FAB. And although it may not be the most professional looking cake, the flavours totally make up for the more 'rustic' appearance.
Ingredients (for 2 round 8 inch tins):

For the cake:
my usual Victoria Sponge recipe (minus the vanilla)
2-3 tbsp high fruit content raspberry jam (e.g. St Dalfour or reduced sugar jam) 

For the filling:
100g soft unsalted butter
200g icing sugar
100g melted, cooled white chocolate
1-2 tbsp milk
2-3 tbsp raspberry jam
100g (approx.) raspberries
Cream the sugar and butter with a hand mixer/food mixer/wooden spoon (if you're in for a workout) until light in colour and fluffy.

Sift the flour and baking powder together, then add 1/3 of that and one egg into the sugar/butter combo, mix, then do this two more times until all the flour and eggs are added to the mixture.

Push the jam through a sieve (I prefer a fabric sieve for this over a metal one) to remove lumps/seeds, then add a few spoonfuls to the cake batter and fold in gently - you're aiming to add a raspberry layering/marbling to the cake, not combine the ingredients.

Add half the mixture into each lined and greased baking tin, the add the rest of the jam in splodges  onto the top and use a skewer to add a marble effect to each sponge.
Bake the cake for 25-35 mins in an oven pre-heated to 180C (my oven is a fan oven, if yours isn't perhaps try 190-200C).
To test the cake, gently press the top with a clean finger - if the cake springs back, it's ready.

Leave the cakes to cool in their tins, then move onto the icing.

Start by melting your white chocolate in a bain-marie or in your microwave until smooth, then leave to the side to cool.

Use a hand mixer to cream your butter for around 5 minutes or until it becomes a lot paler in colour, then gradually add the icing sugar until they are combined - you may need to add some milk to achieve a smooth consistency.

Then gradually add the white chocolate until that is also mixed into the icing. Add a thick layer of this onto one of your sponge layers, saving some in a piping bag to decorate the top if you so wish.

Then, using a cranked palette knife, make a dip in the icing in the cake, leaving around 1-2 inches around the edge. Add the jam into this well, spreading it evenly, then a few chopped raspberries to add texture, then add the top layer.

To decorate, add more raspberries/more buttercream/icing sugar to create a homemade yet gorgeous cake. Then tuck into a slice!

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  1. Oh wow that looks and sounds so yummy, I definitely want to try this recipe!

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