Beach Bag Essentials

Although I may not be jetting off on a beach break until October, I do enjoy spending a sunny day poolside at my local lido, for which a lot of my usual beach bag essentials also apply.

My first essential for my fellow pasty gals is an instant tanner like this Rimmel Instant Tan BB which is perfect for topping up the bronze on legs and other limbs, but perhaps a waterproof one may be a better choice for beside the pool or sea!

Another must-have for any sunny day is an SPF lipbalm because burnt lips are neither cute nor comfortable - the Maybelline Baby Lips in the original balm 'colourless' editions have SPF15 in them (I believe) so are great for moisture and protection.

A fashion favourite for me (along with my coloured or printed statement beach towel) are some cute sliders to slip on when going to get a drink or moving from one sun lounger to the next to make sure my toes don't burn on the sand or I get a splinter from the pier!

I also need sunglasses in order to do anything, including reading a selection of magazines that I usually carry to entertain myself when I'm not swimming.

Obviously, SPF lotion for face and body is necessary, and the SPFs from La Roche Posay are my favourites as they don't break me out, nor are greasy or smell like sun cream, and to prevent dry skin in the heat and sunshine, a body cream is also handy, and I love having one that matches the scent of my perfume to keep my scent consistent!

Face wipes come in super handy at the beach for cleaning sandy toes, wiping up too much suncream, clearing the makeup that you're already sweating off; wipes are a must-have.

Hydration is so important in hot weather that alongside my water bottle I always carry a moisturiser for my cuticles that are dry in any weather - this Sally Hansen Cuticle Balm is a firm favourite and is inexpensive too!

I don't know about you, but with frizzy hair comes unruly eyebrows, so I also like to have a brow gel with me to keep them in place, and one of the best I've found is the new Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! Gel which isn't overly crispy and sets them for hours!

What do you always carry to the beach/pool?


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