Monthly Favourites | January 2013

The end of the month is upon us and I cannot believe we are already 30 days into 2013 - I'm still writing 2012!!! This is my first monthly favourites blog post so please do enjoy!


First is my Stila Tinted Moisturiser in Bare 02*. I love this because it has medium coverage but feels like a second skin.

My MUA Pro Base Concealer Palette is a new release this month but will be in my makeup bag for a while - the peachy shade works great for undereye circles.

Another MUA product... the Bronzed Perfection was so hard to get hold of but I was determined to get it after seeing FleurdeForce use it and I loove it! It provides the perfect glow to Casper the Friendly Ghost-esque complexions.

The e.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder is such a holy grail product for me and it never seems to run out!

I am a huge fan of the Natural Collection blushers and my new shade, Sugar Plum, is no exception - it is such a nice neutral taupe-y brown.

Last but not least is my MUA Undressed Palette that is so cheap at only £4 but works so beautifully - the black shade (11) is great in the outer crease.

Skincare, Bodycare and Haircare


I got S+G's Peaches and Clean Cleanser for Christmas after hearing MissBudgetBeauty rave about it forever and I completely get what she's on about! It is so smoothing yet really refreshing and cleansing - a-ma-zing!

The Dove deodorants have always been my go-to and this Green Tea and Cucumber scent is so fresh and simple.

Primark Beauty Deep Cleansing Wipes are the ONLY wipes I can find that don't irritate my eyes and they work brilliantly.

In the little white pot is the Benefit Tripe Performing Facial Emulsion that I got as a sample when I made an order and I have been wearing this daily underneath my moisturiser as another layer in the cold and my skin has been so soft!

The Yes to Carrots Mint Lip Balm is so moisturising yet not sticky or wet - a must-have for me!

My Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume has been go-to this month and smells so good!

I had never used a leave-in conditioner before so when I found this Toni & Guy Rapid Response Leave-In Conditioner in my beauty cupboard I gave it a go and so far I love it as my hair has been so soft and sleek.


When shopping with my bessie Becca, I found these super-cute Hello Kitty slippers in Primark for £3! I love them - they're so comfy and cute (and my Mum's really jealous!). 

My jewellery favourite is this necklace from Debenhams with a bow, a teddy and a pearl on it - so gorgey with everything!

Then my book favourite this month out of all the books I've read has been Daniel Handler's 'Why We Broke Up'. It made me laugh, blub and all that jazz. It's got some really sweet quotes in the front aswell!

My fashion fave has been this dress from Zara Basics. It's blue with a cream collar but looks so cute with boots and super cosy tights.

So, that's my January favourites; I hope you enjoyed them and stay tuned for a 'What's in my Bathroom?' post coming soon.

* I found this on Xtras online for £1.99!

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