Dupes for Essie Nail Polish Colours? (Bahama Mama and Fiji) | New Nails from MUA

First things first: I have never tried an essie nail polish colour, only base coats so I cannot vouch that these are exact dupes so don't kill me if they aren't.

MUA Natural Days - Essie Fiji
MUA Plum Noir - Essie Bahama Mama
So... what's similar?

 The packaging is so similar it's unreal! MUA have certainly copied essie in their revamp.
The colours, from what I've seen in boots and on blogs, are extremely close.

And the differences...

Though the packaging is similar looking, the amounts are different - essie contains 13.5ml whereas MUA contains just 6.2ml.

Swatched on the left is Plum Noir and on the right is Natural Days, the left is one coat and the right is two - a good, opaque colour after just two coats.

The price difference is quite considerable also - MUA is just £1 but essie is £7.99-£8.50! I know which I would choose!

So, which will you try - MUA or essie?

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