NOTD | Lipssofacto-Inspired Marimekko Poppies

I love Lipssofacto blog and when I saw this post I knew I had to try it... and this is what happened. A little messy but still cute. 

I used: essie ridge filling base coat, MUA Natural Days, 17 Caribbean Coral, LA Colors Art Deco in Black, Primark Top Coat.

I applied my base coat, then added two coats of the MUA colour. I used a dotting tool from Amazon (link)  that I love and find is perfect for this kind of thing. I used a smaller tool to add MUA Natural Days inside the coral poppies and then added a few small black lines with the stiper tool from LA Colors (available from Beauty Base in Westfield). Last was my top coat - ta-da!

I really love this nail look and am hoping to write a post soon about nail art for beginners - what do you think?


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