MUA Power Pout Review and Swatches | Broken Hearted and Justify

As soon as I heard about these I was obsessed with finding them. On the day they were released (10th April) I skipped into Superdrug only to be really disappointed with the shade range - similar to the Revlon ones, the shade range is quite cool-toned and the shades I had seen online and loved were not up to my expectation.

However, the shades I found and did like are really amazing. 

As you can probably see, Broken Hearted (bottom) is a pinky red with silver shimmer in it (not noticeable on the lips). I have worn this so much and love it.
Justify (top) is an orange that is brilliant and quite red/orange on the lips.

Pros - The twisty thing at the bottom feels a lot stronger and tighter than the Revlon one and the colours are a lot brighter on the lips than Revlon. They're also a bargain at only £3 each.

Cons - The bullets are slightly smaller than the hole that they are in so they wiggle about and squish against the sides when you use them. Also, the lids are too big so they fall off in your bag and the bullets get dirty.

Overall, I like these products but the packaging lets them down so I will not be buying any more.

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