Soap and Glory Bodywash Appreciation Post

I love Soap and Glory Bodywashes. They are, in my opinion, the best scents, sizes, packaging and all around goodness on the market at the moment, and so I hope to convince you to give one a go.
First up: scents. Now Soap and Glory have about five signature scents that they do bodywashes in, with a few different formulas involved too.

Clean On Me - this has the original pink scent and is a thicker, creamier wash than the others

Orangeasm - newest to the clan, this has a seriously strong masculine tangerine scent

Sugar Crush - with the Sugar Crush scent, this one is more of a gel texture

Foam Call - my least favourite scent, Fruitigo is a figgy, minty fragrance that LINGERS

Rich and Foamous - one of my favourite scents for winter is the Smoothie Star oaty, warming, cake-like smell, and its thickness is great in colder months

Clean, Girls - in the Mist You Madly scent, this is a girly scent with vanilla and orchid, that works well with any Chanel fragrances

I also really appreciate the huge sizes of these bodywashes - £6.50 may seem steep for shower gel, however that's a 500ml size, and for me these last around 6 months, if not more, especially when used on a net sponge (and that's used for shaving aswell, every day, for the six months!)

Addressing the super cute packaging too, these pink bottles look adorable with the other Soap and Glory products on the edge of your bath/shower, and the designs make them seem like high end products.

Have you tried any of these bodywashes?

Love, E X

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