Lush Amandopondo Review


My absolute favourite Lush scent is that of the rose variety: the calming aroma from any of their rose line is perfect for a relaxing evening, and a scent that will linger on the skin but not be annoying.

And my favourite product from Lush is the bubble bar. Therefore, a rose-scented bubble bar is my number one favourite: Amandopondo.

Despite its unusual name, the rose oils in the bubble bar make the entire room smell like the flower, and even a tiny amount produces LOADS of bubbles.

And if, like me, you're trying to save, this bar will not break the bank at around £3, whilst still feeling incredibly luxurious!

I can't find it online, and it's not on the 'goodbye' list, so I'm hoping it's not being discontinued!!

Try Amandopondo if you like smooth skin, rose scents and bubble baths!

Love, E X

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