5 Summer Holiday Essentials

Although I'm not going on a summer holiday this summer, I am off to Portugal in October and recently returned from Malaga, so I'm pretty clued up on what the beach/pool/sunny weather items you need are.
1 - Strapless Bikini - who wants tanlines? Not me, and most likely not you either. Therefore, having a strapless bikini to sunbathe in is a must-have. Now, for those of us with chests that aren't so flat, bikinis with removable straps are the way to go - this way, you can wear it with the straps in the pool/sea so the girls don't fall out, and then simply remove the straps when you're out of the water and laying in the sun! ASOS have some great detatchable strap bikinis in the sale currently.

2 - Big Sunglasses - I tend to stay up late when I'm on holiday, and also dislike wearing makeup when it gets really hot. However, this means that I have the worst under eye circles in the morning, and ain't nobody got time for that! To combat this, I wear the biggest sunglasses I can find. Not only do you look cool and aloof, your sunnies will protect your eyes from the sun - win/win situation!

3 - Non-Greasy Sun Protection - I think all humans despise the feeling of a thick layer of suncream on the beach, mixed with sand and sweat: ew. So I found a few non-greasy, thin sunscreens that don't require a lot of rubbing in, and most of which don't have that wonderfully strong and overpowering scent that will linger on your clothes for three washes hence; this Nivea one has tan enhancers for an even better summer glow, the Hawaiian Tropic Suncreams and After-Suns smell divine and La Roche Posay is perfect for more sensitive skins.

4 - A Good Book - after reading all the magazines you purchased at the airport, and have no wifi for NetFlix at the beach, a good book is a great way to pass the time whilst tanning. My current favourite is Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas, about two boys who have a special bond, as they both have very unique traits. I may be biased because the author is my cousin, but any book from your favourite genre is definitely useful on holiday.

5 - Comfy Sandals - as much as it pains me to leave my heels at home, flats is the way to go when you're away from home - those blister patches aren't pretty when you want to go in the sea, and strappy sandals don't accomodate sunburn. I suggest getting yourself a pair of Birkenstocks (or similar) as they're so comfortable and are great when walking long distances.

What are your summer essentials?

Love, E X

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