Lush is one shop that I venture into rarely; but when I do step my foot in the door, breathe in that heavy sweet overwhelming scent and hear the friendly yet slightly off-putting "Good morning!", I know I'll be spending a lot of cash. And that's what happened this week.

The first product to be tested from the recent trip was the Fizzbanger Bath Bomb. A bright yellow, sunny ball of happiness, this smells, on first whiff, like lemons. Which I liked very much.

However, once in the tub, this bath bomb doesn't fizz, nor does it bang. It just kind of sits there bubbling away, releasing small chunks of popping candy which will get stuck to your bottom once you sit down, not lying there.

When the blue centre is released, everything starts to look a little less like 'I peed in the tub' and a little more like 'ahh, fresh green'. The scent from here on in is quite relaxing, more ylang-ylang based.

Overall, this bath bomb made my skin feel very soft, although it's not the most special from the Lush lot, and isn't overly exciting either for something named 'Fizzbanger'.

What's your favourite Lush product?

Love, E X

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