Primark Autumn Haul September 2015

Apologies for the two-week absence; it's been a busy month for me, and I've had a bit of writer's block, however now I'm back in a routine for blogging and you should see some more high-quality content in the next few months!

I haven't been shopping regularly over the holidays, and so I popped into Primark hoping to make a big spend and really update my wardrobe for Autumn, however there were only a few items that I liked the look of, so it's a small haul today.

First up I chose this blue and white bobble beanie which I have picked up every time I've been into Primark in the past few weeks - it's so cute and perfect for winter with a duffle coat! Such a bargain at £3 too!

I also bought some plain white pillowcases to decorate tumblr-style for a DIY gift for my best friend's birthday! They're on sale for £1.80 at the moment.

This fab bottle green top is so gorgeous for just £6 - it's that super soft heavy viscose with a batwing-effect sleeve. Super slouchy and oversized, and perfect with leggings or jeans!

I also picked up the caramel/tan/burnt orange version of that top too, which is very seasonally appropriate.

This necklace was a steal at £2 - it follows the marble trend with a small marbled triange on a gold panel on a gold chain, and looks smart with the batwing tops. 


Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo, but here's what the tops look like on.

Again, sorry for the break, but I'm back now and A Blushing Blonde may be subject to a few changes over the next few months too - stay tuned!

Love, E X

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