How to be more confident

I'll let you in on a secret: I was incredibly shy up until about two years ago, but with the help of a few lifestyle changes, I gained so much more confidence without even realising it. So here are some tips, tricks and other (semi-obvious) ways to be more confident!

1. Clear out your wardrobe to just pieces you feel comfortable and put-together in. Sure, keep trackies and tees for PJs, but hanging in your wardrobe you just want a selection of items that go together so you never have another 'omg I have no clue what to wear' moment, and you always know that you look good.

2. Get healthy which is easier said than done, I know, but exercise releases endorphins which make you happy, and happy people don't kill their husbands are generally more confident. Eating more healthily also helps to boost your mood and make your skin look clearer and your body leaner, which in turn often increases confidence in people (not in everyone, I know).

3. Surround yourself with kind people who don't make you self-concious or never let you get a word in. If you're forced to keep quiet and be shy, you're never going to break through that barrier. Clear your world of the people dragging you down, clear your social media of 'fake' people or those who make you feel inferior: they're not worth the hassle.

4. Get out and meet people. Join a club, attend a lecture, go to a museum. Knowledge is power, and power gives your the confidence to start conversations and make friends with similar interests. Hey, if they're looking at the same painting as you in a gallery, pluck up and say something about the picture and you could've made a fab new friend.

5. Show how tall you are (literally) by getting some heels on and strutting your stuff. Pretending to be confident and sassy can make you become confident and sassy. Trust me.

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