Why I'm A Feminist (and why you should be too)

While feminism may seem like a fairly modern invention, the movement has been protesting kicking and screaming for equal rights since before anyone reading was born - suffragettes, first-born daughters of kings wanting the same Divine Right as their brothers, women worldwide reducing the stigma that women are the weaker sex.
Feminism is often perceived as women believing they're better than men; the call of so-called 'angry feminists'. Yes, we're all angry, but feminism is about equal rights for everyone. So unless you're racist, xenophobic or homophobic, why wouldn't you want to be associated with feminism?
For me, feminism is having the same rights as any man. Being paid the same when I get a job as the man sitting at the desk opposite mine. Not being scared to do things for fear of being told they're 'not ladylike' or 'not for girls' - sod 'ladylike', I'll do whatever I want to do.
I need feminism to help fight the rape culture in today's society, so I can leave home not fearing for my life on the walk back.
I need feminism so all girls can get an education as I have that's just as good as any received by a boy.
I need feminism to give me the confidence to respond to those cat-callers who wouldn't be able to take me on in the time it takes to say 'I'm a feminist'.
I need feminism so not to be slut-shamed for wearing a shorter skirt of a lacy bra just because I like it.
I need feminism to be able to live in the world without fear.
Why do you need feminism?

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