MUA Matte £1 Lipsticks Review | Lilac Belle // Fawn Fancy // Peachy Keen // Wild Berry

I think you can predict the direction of a review by the number of shades someone owns of the product - considering these could be featured in a '4 or more' TAG (coming soon?) I can safely bet this is a good review.

These MUA lipsticks are the newer version of the original £1 line, except they're matte. There are 7 shades available, of which I own Lilac Belle, Peachy Keen, Fawn Fancy and Wild Berry. Wild Berry is quite dry on the lips but the others all take a creamier formula that goes on very opaque and smooth. They don't dry my lips out or cling to flakier patches but for best finish I would suggest a good scrub and balm post-application.

Fawn Fancy and Lilac Belle are newer shades. Fawn Fancy is a very Kylie Jenner-esque brown neutral nude with a subtle orangey undertone whereas Lilac Belle is a bright purple violet shade - I have a post in the works on 3 ways to wear this shade.

Have you tried any MUA £1 lipsticks?

Love, E X

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