Mini Summer Weekend Haul 2014 | Primark, H&M, Boots

Since I've been unable to shop for the past couple of Saturdays (and my family always do late lunch on Sundays) I was glad to get out and do a bit of shopping today! This is a bit of a 'bonus' post but I wanted to share my finds so here you go...

A terrible event occured on my trip to Athens when I sat on my favourite sunglasses and smooshed them - I was devastated but this is why I buy cheap sunnies!!! I repurchased the Primark Men's Tortoiseshell glasses today and am so glad to have them back in my life. I also saw this white lace top on Shaun's blog (love him, so happy he's back blogging!) and have been looking for it ever since - it's only £4 and is so pretty on!

Found these gorgeous shorts in H&M which aren't overly short (read: visible butt cheeks) and are a nice darker denim for the bargain price of £7.99 - note though, the sizes do come up small and I will be exchanging my 10 for a 12 (I'm more like an 8 in bottoms so they are very small!)

 I am on a teeth-whitening kick at the mo so I picked up the mouthwash and toothpaste from the Colgate Max White One line in the hope that they'll help me achieve a brighter smile! I've heard good things but didn't want to spend £8 but they're on 1/2 price in Superdrug if you want to try them!

Lastly the most exciting items: the beauty bits! First is the boring item of wet ones wipes - I need these in my handbag for when I get a little excited in the makeup aisle and swatch a load of pruple lipstick up my arm and look like I've been beaten up! Then I repurchased the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Spray for £1.19 - not £1.80 like the discount ticket says but just over £1! It was on clearance, so I'll be sad if it's discontinued because it really is a great leave-in conditioner. On the topic of hair, my friend has been bugging me to dye my hair for ages now and as it's summer and we're not in school (where any dye is forbidden) we have decided to DYE! She picked up the 'I saw red' shade which she is planning to do her whole head in and I picked up 'rose' which is a baby pink. It was a toss-up between this and the 'parma violets' shade but I think this will be more me. Contrary to my BFF, I'm just doing the ends with a subtle gradient, and there should be a blog post on it after I've actually taken the plunge. Finally are two face masks: the Boots Tea Tree&Witch Hazel with Charcoal Mask makes me look very scary as it is a black mask which is quite deep cleansing, and the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Mask is very moisturising and smells divine!

What have you picked up recently?

Love, E X


  1. Nice haul Lizzie and thanks for the mention! Good luck with dying your hair 'Rose'! ;) x

    1. Thanks, hope it looks like how I imagine it to! x


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