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It's the end of another month and I'm already halfway through summer (*sheds tear*). I don't have too many favourites for July but enough to warrant a read...

For makeup I have a few lip products first: in my glamour box from Latest in Beauty I received an Illamasqua lipstick in Cherub - the shade is perfect for my complexion, a neutral peachy colour that is nice with a lighter smokey eye for summer evenings. Glamour magazine gave out a few Clinique minis for August and so I picked up 3 issues - two of which had Chubby Sticks in Super Strawberry and Woopin' Watermelon, which provide a hint of colour and moisturisation, and the other contained the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + which has been gracing my face recently and I love the lighter boost of hydration it provides. I haven't been wearing that much makeup due to the heat but a blush I have loved is the Fashionista New York Blush as it's a highlighter//blusher hybrid and leaves me looking glowy but not greasy, which is nice. Then, after a long period of neglect and a thorough wash, I have been hooked on using my elf kabuki brush as it covers my face with powder in a few sweeps and is just super easy.

A skin essential for my holiday were face wipes - I know, it's a crime against skincare, but when you're getting home at 11.30 every night and waking up at 8am it's a bit hard to do a full double cleanse, and I justified it as I wasn't actually wearing any makeup. I have been carrying these Botanics All Bright Wipes in my handbag as a little refresher for my face (*cough* and pits *cough*). Batiste Dry Shampoo in the Oriental scent has been a saviour for my locks as my hair got super oily after being on holiday so I needed this to absorb the oils! Then my body suncream for the UK is Hawaiian Tropic's SPF30 Radiance one as it smells amazing and isn't sticky or greasy which is nice, and leaves me witha glowy but not shimmer or glitter.

Book favourites are Labyrinth by Kate Mosse which is a really engaging read but I prefer the historical parts to the modern-day parts. Then Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough was a bit creepy but really well written. 

Foodie faves are the Nakd Rhubard and Custard bars which taste amazing (or, quoting my father, 'they taste like sh*t'). They only contain minimal ingredients and are really good as a low-calorie snack. I also have been making tropical iced tea at home with high juice, tea and water and it has been so lovely drinking it in the heat! Talking about tropical things, this gum from Trident which I picked up in Athens is TO DIE FOR - even my mother, who hates gum, loved this as it just tastes so darn good!

A style fave are midi rings - I love the way they look, really stylish and chic. I also have been wearing a lot of the Primark £5 dresses with strappy sleeves with cropped tops over them and they look super sweet and are really easy to wear in summer.

Musical faves include Parachute and 5SOS for bands and Dodie Clark (doddleoddle) - especially her song 'adored by him'.

What are your favourites?

Love, E X

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