Valentine's Gift Guide for Her

Today's serving is the first of two Valentine's Day Gift Guides: one for her and one for him. Today's 'for her' gives date ideas and presents so gear up guys and gals; this Valentine's day shouldn't be one she forgets.
Lush's Valentine's range always pleases me, and even if I'm buying for myself I'm feeling all loved-up and happy - the sets cover all ranges of budgets from around £8-£100, or make your own set with the bubble bars to bath bombs to shower gel, from around £3-£6. Other beauty product gift ideas include perfume, especially more expensive or designer fragrances that she wouldn't buy for herself.

Flowers are a no-brainer - most every girl would love to find a bright bouquet and her beau waiting for her. Jewellery is quite a nice gift to receive also, and my personal favourite range at the mo is the Marc Jacobs collection which can be found on Net a Porter. Chocolate makes an amazing present which will leave you loved forever, and Thorntons have some amazing gift ideas including personalised 'named' plaques made of chocolate and these photo boxes, to which you can have your own picture printed onto. There's also this amazing stand in Selfridges which prints your instagram pictures onto marshmallows, which a friend of mine made for me as a thank you gift, which I loved.

More date-like gift ideas now: something I see on Tumblr a lot is a guy sending a girl a dress, location and time and then taking her out on an amazing date, which is perhaps every girl's dream - this gorgeous dress is from New Look. Another idea is to buy a movie and takeout (or cook dinner yourself) and have a cosy night in - some new movies that I'm dying to see are Lucy, Before I Go to Sleep and Gone Girl. You could also get tickets to a movie or show (may I recommend Wicked for date night) and then get dinner too - a great date idea.

What would you like to receive for Valentine's? (I'm hoping that my beau will provide me with Ben, Jerry and a movie for a onesie night in)

Love, E X

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