Life Lately: February 2015


Gosh, it's been a while since my last life update post (although I do tend to give snippets here and there in other posts due to my somewhat rambly nature): I have a few little life updates and notes to chat about in this post, so let's begin.
1. I finished my mocks (of mocks of mocks of GCSEs) - I had 'mocks' over January for all my GCSE subjects which were graded and were important for my reports and tiering for exams (it's complicated) and I've received my results: all As and A*s! I'm so thrilled and now have to work even harder to remember it all!

2. I've stopped eating red meat - I'm now almost three weeks without red meat - it's not been too hard if I'm entirely honest. I did it after a heart dissection in Biology, where the smell and thought of eating something from that animal made me feel sick, so now I eat fish and some white meat, but very rarely. I'm transitioning into a pescetarian slowly but surely.

3. We've booked a couple of holidays for this year and are planning more - my Siena trip with school where I'm doing a language course is coming up over Easter and I'm bursting with excitement, and in addition, my family and I are going to Spain in May after snapping up some cheaper flights to Malaga. We're also considering our summer holiday - possibly to Wales - another Scotland trip and then our October break which is usually Greece - eek! A lot of holidays this year methinks!

4. I've been watching TV - time has been tight recently, but I have seen all of The Borgias which was very enjoyable, if not completely filled with bloody violence and nudity, and then I've watched Once (the movie) about 6 times in two weeks, I just love it. 

5. Party rings are bae - I need to stop pinching these little bags of party rings from my bestie... I'm seriously addicted.

What have you been up to recently?

Love, E X

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