Saving Memories

I'm so nostalgic - I love saving memories and am always reminiscing about things that have happened.
So, in order to keep my memories in something more physical than my mind, I chose to have some polaroids printed from LaLaLab which is an app that makes your iPhone photos into large polaroid pictures.
I'm now sticking them into an album from Paperchase with a bit of cute ribbon and stickers, to make each page individual. I think it's safe to say I'm going to need a few more of these albums!
I also love instagram as a way of keeping memories - it's lovely to see all your pictures coming together.
There's also an app that lets you know everyday what you were doing on that date a year ago, or five years ago, which is great for nostalgic people like myself!
How do you store your memories?
Love, E X

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