Wanderlust List

As frequent readers of this blog know, I love travelling; seeing the world is something I aspire to do a lot of during my lifetime, so here's a list of the top 10 places I would love to visit.
1 - Copenhagen
According to Lonely Planet, Copenhagen is 'the coolest kid on the Nordic block' which does make it sound extra intriguing - there are beautiful palaces, and it would make the perfect pre-Christmas getaway due to the amazing markets they have too.
2 - Thailand
Who doesn't want to visit Thailand? The food, the culture, the hustle and bustle mixed with serenity and calm have all attracted me to the country many times, and with it being on my Dad's wanderlust list too, I have a feeling we'll be seeing this place soon.
3 - More Scotland!
My last two trips to Glasgow and Edinburgh really opened up my eyes to how beautiful Scotland is - there's just a lovely atmosphere there, and it's somewhere that I could see myself living in the future (if not, I'll be visiting often!)
4 - New York
There are a few US cities I cannot wait to see, but New York comes before any others - I think it's somewhere that my personality would thrive, and I could easily spend hours on Broadway, shopping(!) or eating, as well as in all the amazing museums, and hunting the locations of some of my absolute favourite TV shows!
5 - Crete
Or any Greek Island for that matter. I love Greece, and to see more of these warm, sunny islands is dreamy. Santorini was gorgeous, as were Corfu and Lefkas, and indeed the mainland, but Crete does interest me as my next hit, as it's got that history too.
6 - Morocco
I love the food, the culture, and I would love to see the markets. I had a friend who was from Morocco, and his mum made the best food - yes, this one centres around food, but it's my love in life and I would go anywhere to try new cuisines...
7 - India
Speaking of food, Indian food is my absolute favourite cuisine, and I would love to go to India for the food - I know some people get sick, however going with a travel company may evade this issue, and I have a lot of recommendations from another friend of mine who lived in India for a year.
8 - Las Vegas
Vegas is number 3. Not for the gambling, but more for the shopping and wildness of it all. After watching MissBudgetBeauty's travel vlogs, I am in awe of the craziness of that city, and would love to stay in one of the huge hotels and just shop loads.
9 - The Maldives
My mother says I'm crazy, but these little islands, for me, are my dream honeymoon spot, or just for a lazy trip where you do all the snorkelling, boat trips and stay in the tiny huts on the water, but sleep in til 11 and get room service. A chilled, relaxing trip.
10 - Russia
St Petersburg, Moscow, wherever - Russian history is my FAVE and I love the architecture of the palaces and Cathedrals, so to be able to stand in the city that was home to one of the best rebellions ever, historically, would be just inspiring for me. 

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