Stationery Addicts (not so) Anonymous

I love stationery. Pens, pencils, noebooks, journals... *stops because it all gets too much*. I am addicted to buying cute notebooks, and here are a few of the loveliest things I've picked up recently.
I needed a 2016 diary, so this Paperchase one was perfect - small enough to go in my handbag, but not so tiny that I have to make my handwriting smaller.
Continuing with the gorgeous gold-on-brown theme is this Hema notebook and pen, which are going to me my 2016 blogging books, to keep me thinking of post ideas and new content (as 2015 was the year that Lizzie neglected her blog, and now it's time for a turnaround).
I love this washi tape, or paper tape, also from Hema, for adding colour to my notes or plans in my diary, for marking pages, or even for wrapping presents cutely. Otherwise, you may see rolls of it as props in photos, which I hope to improve the visual quality of over the next few months!
Expect more stationery posts - it's a way for me to justify my addiction!

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