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I'm a shopaholic, and a shopoholic's favourite time of year is post-Christmas. Why? SALES! However, this year, I've been very much reserved with my sales shopping, as I am saving for this summer and all the great things I want to do... that's not to say I didn't make a few purchases...

Every time I'm in any department store, I spray a little of Paco Rabanne Lady Million onto my wrists, and now I'm the proud owner of my very own bottle! I have been wearing this glamorous fragrance every day since, and I am just obsessed (and the bottle is beautiful too!)

I also needed a new wallet, since my Monki one was about 4 years old and very much 'had it', as my mum would say (and did say!). I saw this beauty in Cath Kidston in Westfield and knew I had to have it; it's a sturdy fabric, and has enough compartments to fit all of my essentials in, as well as enough room for my phone and keys if I just want to take this out. The rose design in this blue with hints of that bright green that I love so much is lovely, and for just £16 on sale, a bargain too.


Speaking of bargains, I eyed this taupe bag in House of Fraser a little before my birthday in November, however for a small satchel I wasn't going to pay £35. Flashforward to sales shortly before Christmas, it had been reduced to £17.50 and I put it on my wishlist, but didn't receive it. Then last weekend I was browsing the handbags with my mother when I spotted it again for just £10.50! I snapped it up, baby-wiped off the small mark on the front and voila a perfect spring bag to put away. What's in my bag post, anyone?

Finally, I took a look around the M&S Beauty Hall and found their fab sale - many items had over 50% off, and I bought this Rush Dry Shampoo for just £1 - I think the range was a bust, but the products are decent and for £1 I had to try something!

Then I found a gift set which was reduced from something like £25 to just £7 with a Tangle Teezer which I have wanted for ages, and this Josh Wood Blonde Mask which smells a bit funky and looks like butterscotch Angel Delight, but I'll try anything on my hair!

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