An Array of Eyeliners

Remember when I never wore eyeliner? Not any more! I love all sorts of eyeliner, and so here is my eyeliner 'wardrobe'.
Liquid: Collection Fast Stroke
This was raved about by Suzie from Hello October a little while ago, and I can see why - it's a long-lasting, super black, easy to apply with the applicator liner which is also super cheap. Granted, you can probably find something a little better for more money, but I don't splurge on eye products, and this £2 one is just fine.
Gel: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Still going strong after about six months, this baby is jet black and can be used on the waterline too, however is a little fiddly to apply as you have to use a brush, but looks fab for any graphic liner looks or when I have more time.
Pencil/Kohl: Soap and Glory (Second place to M&S)
Pencil is perhaps my most used eyeliner form as it's easy to use and smudge out if any mistakes are made. I use Soap and Glory as it's very black and bold and soft to apply, but the M&S lasts just a little longer, however is less black - I tend to use the M&S for my flicks or cat eyes, as it sticks and is sharp.

Powder: HD Brows
I've been using my HD Brows palette as eyeliners and shadows for years - more than I use it on my brows! The darker shades are perfect for either doing eyeliner that's a little softer, or for setting liquid, or smudging out gel, or softening either. It's super simple, quick, easy and natural for everyday.

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