10 songs to play on repeat in May

Honestly, far too much time has passed since my last music-related post, mostly because I've been listening to the same old songs. However, I've discovered some new favourites recently that I thought I'd share, especially now I'm actually on Spotify (seriously late to the party on this one I am aware).

Ed Prosek's new song is so good and I wish he got a tad more recognition! I've also fallen back in love with The Academic who I *guiltily* forgot about for a while whilst they were on tour. Tom Walker's new EP is out this month too and I am buzzing - his work never disappoints, and 'Blessings' is no exception. I was also pleasantly surprised by Harry Styles' first solo single; it's got a good vibe to it. Nevertheless, the other artists on this playlist are all favourites too so it's definitely worth a listen whilst you're getting ready for bed, doing the dishes or perhaps writing a blog post? The playlist is your oyster, if you will.

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