Soap and Glory 'The Fab Pore Facial Peel' Mask Review

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite all-rounder brands for bodycare, skincare and makeup! This mask has recently been re-relesed with slightly different packaging but I think the ingredients are results are near enough the same.

This mask contains small green beads that dissolve when you apply the mask to your face. It is a thick, creamy consistency that is white and dries white on the skin.
The results are smaller pores, less blemishes and less blackheads, however the results are temporary so this is one to use before big events.

All in all, this is an amazing mask but there are some better things on the market.

If you can find it in your cheap section at boots, pick it up... if not, wait for an offer!

What are your fave face masks?

Love, Lizzie x

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