My Thought and Favourites | X Factor 2013

Now, who's been watching the X Factor? I've always seen it on the telly but this year I'm a bit obsessed - probably because there are some amazing contestants. I've been watching all the backstage clips on the website, the Xtra Factor and downloading tons of songs. I thought it would be fun to do a run-down on the finalists, telling you my favourites and thoughts. We are 2 weeks into live shows, and so two have gone home but I'll still give my opinions. As I said, these are my opinions, if you like someone else, leave it in a comment - you may sway me! Just don't be offended!

These are the UK contestants, as I live in London - if any of you Americans would like to do this for X Factor USA, please link to it in a comment or email me as I'd love to hear some more fab music.

The Overs

Shelley Smith - I loved Shelley's bubbly personality and big voice and was sad to see her go but there are some better singers than her. Her 'Single Ladies' performance had me in fits and I've been dancing ever since!

Lorna Simpson - I don't have too many opinions on Lorna - she had a lovely voice but left week one so I didn't get to love her as much as I could have - her auditions were fabulous though!

Sam Bailey - Oh, that power! Her performances always hit me and she has to go far! I loved the makeover and she looks great!

The Groups

 Rough Copy - Though their dress sense is an acquired taste (not mine), their music is awesome and I look forward hearing their covers each week. And isn't the baby cute!
Miss Dynamix - Poor SeSe, hope her and the baby stay well for next Saturday! This girls are feisty and their music always makes me want to dance - so glad Gary put them through.

Kingsland Road - The hair, the voices, the clothes - these boys could be the next 1D - however, not being a particularly enthusiastic Directioner, I like them but are not an obsessed teen gal'.

The Girls

 Tamera Foster - Her way to almost tell a story through song is amazing and I am so impressed with her voice. If she's a fave of James Arthur, she's a fave of mine!

Hannah Barrett - My fave girl by far, she could sing for England and win. Her audition had me crying too!

Abi Alton - I love the quirky ones and they need to let Abi be herself, not make her do the awkward dance routines! I love Abi but she could be in trouble if she is forced to dance again - it's a singing competition, not Strictly!

The Boys

 Sam Callahan - For me, he needs a lot of work - he is a hard worker but I think Louis could have chosen better. He's just not my taste, but I know a lot of you will love him. I loved his Jason Mraz cover, though!

Nicholas McDonald - Sweet, and he could win but not my favourite. The Robbie Williams songs suit him well, and I look forward to his movie week performance.

Luke Friend - Saved the best for last - Luke is my absolute favourite and I have been listening to his music non-stop (I may be listening to it right now!). His Ont'Sofa sessions were amazing and his cover of Wherever You Will Go had me crying on the train. Plus, he's really cute and his hair is defo to my taste (though some of you may hate it!).

Who are your favourites? 

Love, Lizzie x

PS: Comment freely, unless you're going to hate on Luke x


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